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Econometric models (Monetary policy)
Book Chapter
Transition from ODA to Private Capital Flows

From the book: Development Finance in the Global Economy

Capital Macroeconomics Monetary policy
Working Paper
The Transition from Official Aid to Private Capital Flows: Implications for a Developing Country

India’s capital account displays a sharp swing in external financing from official assistance to private capital transfers in the 1990s. This paper examines the implications of this transition for the country...

Capital Macroeconomics Monetary policy
Working Paper
Modelling Macroeconomic Linkages in a Monetary Union: A West African Example

We construct a structural macroeconometric model for member states of the West African Economic and Monetary Union...

Economic integration Econometric models (Macroeconomics) Monetary policy
Working Paper
The Impact of Monetary Union on Macroeconomic Integration: Evidence from West Africa

In this paper we use data from 17 African nations in order to investigate the hypothesis that monetary union – represented in this case by the CFA Franc Zone – augments the extent of macroeconomic integration...

Business cycles Economic integration Macroeconomics
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