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Economic development
The developer’s dilemma: Structural transformation, inequality dynamics, and inclusive growth

The developer’s dilemma is thus: developing countries seek inclusive economic development — i.e., structural transformation — sufficiently broad-based to raise the income of the poor...

Structural transformation Economic development Income inequality
Metals for the global energy transition: Opportunities and salutary lessons

In a series of high-level UN Roundtables , in which I participated in 2021, experts and stakeholders explored the risks and opportunities presented by the global clean energy transition...

Climate change Natural resources Economic development
Can the electric vehicle revolution solve the climate crisis and create opportunities for developing countries?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are confidently expected to decarbonize road transportation, contribute substantially to the net zero agenda, and so help to solve the climate crisis...

Climate change Natural resources Economic development
Book Chapter
The developer’s dilemma: A survey of structural transformation and inequality dynamics

From the book: The developer’s dilemma

Income inequality Structural transformation Economic development
Policy workshop
World Income Inequality Database project presents at the OECD's DAC Community of Practice on Poverty and Inequalities

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Community of Practice on Poverty and Inequalities (CoP-PI) hosts several thematic dialogues between researchers and practitioners on embedding...

25 March 2022
Online, United States
Past event
Social Mobility in Developing Countries: Pathways for Research and Policy

Kunal Sen gives a keynote address at the Annual Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) Conference on Development (ABCD) 2021. The keynote address, on the topic of 'Social Mobility in Developing Countries: Pathways for Research and...

3 December 2021
Lakeshore Hotel, House no. 46 Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Past event
Book Chapter
Educational mobility in the developing world

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Educational mobility Developing countries Educational expansion
WIDER-Webinar-image from UNDP-Bangladesh-COVID19 Arkebe Oqubay on the economic implications of COVID-19 crisis for developing countries
18 May 2021
Online, Helsinki
Past event
Why do we see boom-and-bust growth in fragile and conflict-affected states?

One of the most pressing challenges in development policy is to bring about rapid, sustained, and inclusive growth in developing countries...

Fragile states Conflict Economic growth
Book Chapter
Empirical challenges comparing inequality across countries: The case of middle-income countries from the LIS database

From the book: Inequality in the Developing World

Economic development Equality Middle-income countries
Assessment of potential distributional impacts of four development programmes in Benin, Djibouti-Ethiopia, Uganda, and Viet Nam


How much do development programmes contribute to the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goal to reduce inequalities by 2030? This project makes a vital contribution to monitoring progress towards SDG10 specifically, by assessing the...

Inequalities Economic development development cooperation
35 years of research for change – what's next?: Building just societies

To celebrate its 35 th birthday, UNU-WIDER has looked back at some of its greatest achievements...

Structural transformation Economic inequality Economic development
The developer’s dilemma in India – the role of politics and economic ideology

Policy makers seeking inclusive growth frequently face the developer’s dilemma between prioritizing structural transformation, which is potentially inequitable, and keeping a check on rising economic inequality...

Structural transformation Economic inequality Economic development
Late development, early adoption – how new technology is reshaping the future of structural change

Technological catch-up is bringing new asynchronies to development pathways. What does this mean for employment, globalization, and inequality?...

Structural transformation Technology Developer's dilemma
Working Paper
Rule of law and judicial independence

The rule of law and judicial independence are a project yet to be achieved in Mozambique...

Economic development Rule of law Judicial
Working Paper
From fiscal stabilization to economic diversification: A developmental approach to managing resource revenues

The management of revenues from exhaustible natural resources involves a number of challenges...

Commodity dependence Economic development Natural resources
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