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Economic development
Working Paper
Fiscal policy, state building and economic development

This paper presents a synopsis of the contextual conditions, factors and challenges under which the recent evolution of tax systems has taken place over the past three decades...

tax policy Economic development Developing countries
Income generation and malaria in Uganda

Several large-scale efforts have been made to combat malaria in the last decade under the Millennium Development Goals, and while these have led to a rapid decline in cases, malaria continues to exact a heavy toll on sub-Saharan Africa, both in terms...

Administrative law Agriculture Economic development
Working Paper
Development and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa

This paper puts sub-Saharan Africa’s economic development into perspective...

Sub-Saharan Africa Economic development Transformation
Book Chapter

From the book: Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Latin America

Economic development Income distribution Labor market
Working Paper
Career dynamics and gender gaps among employees in the microfinance sector

While microfinance institutions (MFIs) are increasingly important as employers in the developing world, there is little micro-level evidence on gender differences among MFI employees and MFIs’ relation to economic development...

gender gaps Job mobility Promotion
Working Paper
Exploring regional and gender disparities in Beninese primary school attendance: A multilevel approach

This study combines household survey data from the Beninese Demographic and Health Survey with school supply statistics in order to investigate regional and gender disparities in primary school attendance rates in Benin...

Economic development Demand for schooling Africa
Growth, Structural Transformation, and Rural Change in Viet Nam (in Vietnamese): A Rising Dragon on the Move

Giới thiệu Việt Nam là một nước đông dân ở khu vực Đông Nam Á với lịch sử lâu đời và đặc trưng về kinh tế, chính trị và xã hội.2 Sau khi kết thúc chiến tranh với Hoa Kỳ năm 1975...

Growth Structural transformation Rural development
How big supermarket chains in southern Africa keep out small suppliers

A shopper prepares to pay at an informal shop in Soweto, South Africa. Smaller retailers are struggling to grow. Supermarkets are a key route to market for many suppliers of food and household consumable products...

Supermarkets Growth Economic development
Policy Brief
Development assistance for peacebuilding Conflict management Foreign aid Economic development
Working Paper
How does petty corruption affect tax morale in sub-Saharan Africa

Revenues from taxation gain importance to finance economic development in sub-Saharan Africa. Extortion of bribes by public officials can provide one obstacle for tax compliance...

Corruption Tax Economic development
Working Paper
Industries without smokestacks: Telecommunication and ICT-based services trade

This paper provides a basic understanding of the nature of emerging key information and communication technologies, and establishes the distance of countries from high-quality access to the internet—the necessary threshold one needs to cross in...

Economic development Innovation Growth
Book Chapter
Mozambique: Jobs and Welfare in an Agrarian Economy

From the book: Jobs For Development: Challenges and Solutions in Different Country Settings...

Economic development Productivity
Working Paper
Understanding and characterizing the services sector in South Africa: An overview

The South African services sector is large and growing. This coupled with declining employment shares in manufacturing and mining (i.e. deindustrialization) suggests that South Africa is a de facto service-orientated economy...

Services Economic development South Africa
Research Brief
Potential impacts of climate change on national water supply in South Africa

Climate change risks for run-off and irrigation demand vary significantly across South Africa, with some regions expected to experience increased drying and others flooding Smaller impacts on water resources by 2050 are expected if global emissions a...

Climate change Economic development Economic growth
Effective taxation policies to promote equitable growth and development

Taxation is a crucial source of revenue for countries around the world and plays an important role in development efforts...

Economic development Taxation
Journal Article
What Is the Aggregate Economic Rate of Return to Foreign Aid?

In recent years, academic studies have been converging towards the view that foreign aid promotes aggregate economic growth...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Simulation methods (Economics)
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