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Economic inequality
Book Chapter
Macroeconomic Perspective on Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Unemployment Labour market State
Research Brief
A game of snakes and ladders with loaded dice: Socioeconomic class and poverty in South Africa

South Africa is often cited as the most unequal economy in the world...

Economic inequality Poverty Dynamics social stratification
Journal Article
The effect of top incomes on inequality in South Africa

This article is currently available for early online view. South Africa exhibits extreme levels of income inequality and is ranked as one of the most unequal countries in the world...

Income distribution Economic inequality personal income tax
Journal Article
Introduction to Special Issue on: ‘Inequalities in the Least Developed Countries – Some Lessons from Africa’

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequalities in the least developed countries

Economic inequality Multidimensional poverty Inequality and Well-being
Measuring inequality in middle-income countries

Income inequality is the result of complex processes with multiple interacting driving forces but understanding those drivers in emerging economies is particularly difficult because of data and analytical challenges...

Global inequality Economic inequality Top incomes
Working Paper
Inequality in India: A review of levels and trends

This paper contributes to the literature by reviewing levels, trends, and structure of inequality since the early 1990s in India...

Consumption Data sources Economic inequality
Research Brief
Financing the social cash transfer scale-up in Zambia: A tax-benefit microsimulation Economic inequality Poverty Social cash transfers
Working Paper
The effect of real exchange rate volatility on income distribution in South Africa

This study investigates the effect of real exchange rate volatility on the distribution of income between labour and capital in South Africa. Both symmetric and asymmetric effects are considered...

Functional distribution Income distribution Economic inequality
Panel discussion
Open dialogue on inequality in the 21st century
29 March 2019
Ex-Press Bar, Third Floor of the General Assembly, United Nations Headquarters, 1st Avenue at 46th Street, New York, United States
Past event
Measuring Inequality in the 21st Century

The Human Development Report Office , LIS , the Stone Center at the City University of New York (CUNY), UNU-WIDER and the World Inequality Lab will host a symposium on Measuring Inequality in the 21st Century. The 2-day event will be held 28-29...

28 March 201929 March 2019
United Nations Headquarters , New York, United States
Past event
Working Paper
Snakes and ladders and loaded dice: Poverty dynamics and inequality in South Africa, 2008–2017

Longitudinal surveys can give insight into economic mobility, which allows us to understand how markers of (dis)advantage are consequential in determining material conditions in the present, and how these markers structure economic opportunity over t...

Economic inequality Poverty Dynamics social stratification
Working Paper
Financing the Zambia social cash transfer scale-up: A tax benefit microsimulation analysis based on MicroZAMOD

This paper assesses the effects on poverty and inequality of the alternative targeting approaches that Zambia’s Social Cash Transfer programme could take as its expansion continues during the period of the country’s Seventh National Devel...

Economic inequality Poverty Social cash transfers
Working Paper
Promoting education under distortionary taxation: Equality of opportunity versus welfarism

How does the public provision of education and the deployment of distortionary tax and subsidy instruments differ when the government’s objective is conventional welfarist compared to when the objective is the non-welfarist one of equality of o...

Educational subsidies equality of opportunity Income tax
Why are workers getting a smaller share of the cake in Mexico?

As with many other developed and emerging economies, in recent decades Mexico has experienced a long-term decline in the labour income share. In other words, wages have decreased compared with other sources of income such as capital income...

Income inequality Earnings inequality Wages
Research that matters: A report from the stakeholder workshop - 15 November 2018, Pretoria, South Africa

I found myself in the third-floor conference rooms of a Pretoria hotel for a meeting with economists, researchers, and policymakers involved in the SA-TIED programme ...

Economic inequality Data revolution Tax
Working Paper
A new inequality estimate for urban India?: Using house prices to estimate inequality in Mumbai

This paper applies a novel inequality estimation method to household consumption expenditure in Mumbai, India...

House prices Household consumption Household survey
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