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The role of economists in policy-making

At our 30 th Anniversary Conference Stefan Dercon of University of Oxford and DfID and Stephen O’Connell of USAID participated in a session on the role of economists in policy-making...

Economic development Economic policy Economists
Working Paper
Role of economists in policy-making

This paper reviews the many areas in which economists play an important role in policy-making, including the quantification of objectives set by political processes, formulation of macroeconomic policy where economists have a dominating role, and als...

Economists Macroeconomics
Working Paper
The Great Transformation 1989-2029: Could It Have Been Better? Will It Be Better?

Over 1.8 billion people, from Central Europe to East Asia, have been involved in the great systemic transformation to market economy, civic society and democracy. The process has brought mixed fruits...

Economists Informal sector International economic relations
Book Chapter
From Seers to Sen :: The Meaning of Economic Development

From the book: Advancing Development

Economic development History of economics Economists
Book Chapter
Inequality in Historical Perspective

From the book: Advancing Development

Classical economics History of economics Economists
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