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Working Paper
Anti-discrimination measures in education: A comparative policy analysis

Efforts to tackle discrimination in access to basic services have shown mixed results in different country settings...

Inequality Anti-discrimination measures Poverty
Missing school years for girls: The case of the Assam insurgency

Girls in India face many challenges. From the moment they are conceived, they are less likely to be born as compared to boys. This presence of “missing girls” appears to be linked to access to ultrasound technology ...

Education Conflict
Working Paper
Group-based inequalities: The case of Viet Nam

This paper examines the issue of horizontal inequalities in Viet Nam over the past 20 years...

Viet Nam Horizontal inequality Ethnic relations
Policy Brief
Aid for governance: How to support effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions for sustainable development?

Aiding government effectiveness in developing countries has been a priority issue for the international donor community since the 1990s...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Education Planning
Does women’s education reduce rates of death in childbirth?

Every single day, approximately 830 women die from causes related to childbirth. Despite considerable advances in maternal health over the last three decades ( Hogan et al...

Education Health Women
Working Paper
Horizontal inequality in education and wealth in Tanzania: A 20-year perspective

This study uses five series of demographic and health surveys to answer the question: ‘Is horizontal inequality in education and wealth increasing or decreasing in the 20-year interval between 1991 and 2010?’...

Education Equality and inequality Wealth
Working Paper
Effect of girls’ secondary school stipend on completed schooling, age at marriage, and age at first birth: Evidence from Bangladesh

There are many studies on the effects of conditional cash transfer programmes on enrolment, productivity and poverty reduction but very few on causal effects on ages at marriage and first birth. And none of them considers the convergence effect...

Education Regression analysis Rural development
How electoral cycles affect school systems – evidence from India

Public sector schools operate within the broader context of political systems and the management of school systems can be influenced by political factors...

Working Paper
Gender differences in child investment behaviour among agricultural households: Evidence from the Lesotho Child Grants Programme

We examine the impacts of an unconditional cash transfer in Lesotho using an experimental impact evaluation design. We find that the cash transfer led to different outcomes for girls and boys, overall favouring secondary school-aged girls...

Children Education Labor
Working Paper
Ethnic fragmentation, public good provision, and inequality in India, 1988-2012

Using data from various rounds of the nationally representative NSSO survey between 1988 and 2012, we first construct national, state, and district-level figures for overall, within and between consumption inequality...

Education Equality and inequality Health care
In the media
Girls’ school enrollment decreases in conflict – UNU-WIDER study gets attention in Indian news

The co-author of a recent UNU-WIDER study, Prakash Singh, has published a column in India’s news site, the Hindu Business Line. In the article, he discusses some of the challenges faced by girls and women in India and the vital role of...

Education Gender equality
Ending child marriage and closing the education gap

Women in most parts of the developing world are under-represented in the workplace and poorly paid. One reason for this is the gender gap in education – women tend to be less schooled than men...

Education Human capital Women
Working Paper
Ethnic and racial disparities in children’s education: Comparative evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Viet Nam

We investigate whether there are racial and ethnic disparities in children’s education in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Viet Nam...

Children Education
Improving adult health increases children’s schooling - evidence from Zambia

Both health and education are essential for reducing poverty. Unfortunately, the two are often interlinked and in many countries both are severely lacking...

Economic growth Education Health
Working Paper
Discriminatory attitudes and indigenous language promotion: Challenges and solutions

In this paper, we analyse which channels influence individual preferences concerning the choice of the official language in Zambia...

Education Equality and inequality History, Local
Working Paper
Less restrictive birth control, less education?: Evidence from ethnic minorities in China

This paper investigates the net impact of birth control policy in China on educational attainment of the partially excluded ethnic minorities...

Education Fertility, Human Minorities
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