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Working Paper
Foreign aid and intergenerational mobility in Africa

While there is extensive literature examining the growth and development effects of foreign aid, very little attention has been paid to its potential impact on social mobility...

Foreign aid Intergenerational Mobility Africa
Working Paper
Parental risk preferences, maternal bargaining power, and the educational progressions of children: Lab-in-the-field evidence from rural Côte d’Ivoire

We analyse the effect of parental risk preferences and a novel measure of maternal bargaining power over educational expenses—elicited via lab-in-the-field experiments in rural Côte d’Ivoire—on the educational progression of b...

Risk attitudes Female bargaining power Education
Working Paper
Understanding Somalia’s social contract and state-building efforts: Consequences for donor interventions

Building on a World Bank regional study in Africa aiming at measuring social contracts concepts and within the framework of reflecting on future donor interventions, this paper applies social contracts measurement and complements with qualitative ass...

Somalia Social contract Security
Working Paper
Impact of the right to education on school enrolment of children with disabilities: Evidence from India

I evaluate the impact of the right to education from the passing of the Right to Education Act in India in 2009. This Act guaranteed free education to children aged 6–14 years, including children with disabilities...

People with disabilities Children Education
Working Paper
Standardization and ethnocracy in Sri Lanka

Standardization was the scheme that replaced meritocracy in Sri Lanka education, with positive discrimination to increase the majority Sinhalese community’s university enrolment...

Education Standardization Quotas
Research Brief
Are women’s labour force participation rates improving in sub-Saharan Africa?

Several sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries have achieved substantial economic growth in the past 30 years. Likewise, access to education has considerably expanded, as reflected in rising enrolment rates for both men and women...

Labour supply Gender Sub-Saharan Africa
Working Paper
Is economic development affected by the leaders’ education levels?: Evidence from India

Although formal education is often considered an indicator of political leaders’ quality, the evidence on the effectiveness of educated leaders is mixed...

political leaders Elections Public goods
Working Paper
Elementary education in India versus China: Guidelines for NEP implementation

This paper documents the state of elementary education in India and China since the 1960s, key lessons for India from China’s shift in focus from ‘quantity’ to ‘quality’, and evidence-based guidelines for effective imple...

Education Schooling Education quality
Journal Article
On the impact of inequality on growth, human development, and governance

Inequality is a major international development challenge. This is so from an ethical perspective and because greater inequality is perceived to be detrimental to key socioeconomic and political outcomes...

Inequality Growth Health
Working Paper
Impact of teacher content knowledge on student achievement in a low-income country

This paper estimates the causal impact of teacher content knowledge on student achievement in Mozambique, a low-income country where a large share of fourth-graders fail to meet the minimum requirements of literacy and numeracy...

Education quality Mozambique Education
Journal Article
The intergenerational impact of house prices on education: Evidence from China

We investigate heterogeneous and nonlinear intergenerational transmission of education and the impact on this of house prices...

Education Housing
Project workshop
Workshop for the @Equal project
21 September 2021
Online, United States
Past event
Working Paper
Do disadvantaged students benefit from attending classes with more skilled colleagues?: Evidence from a top university in Brazil

Peers play an essential role in cognitive and non-cognitive skills formation. Ordinal rank may also change incentives and environment, impacting students’ efforts...

Affirmative action Peer effect Ranking effect
Grandads, dads, and sons: Examining multigenerational mobility in India

While studies have examined the association in socioeconomic status between parent and offspring, there has been relatively little research on multigenerational mobility, especially in the developing country context...

Social mobility Inequality Education
Working Paper
The changing nature of work and earnings inequality in China

This paper examines the evolution of China’s industrial and occupational structure in the last two decades and its impact on wage inequality...

Occupations Wage inequality Education
Adding insult to injury – the impacts of COVID-19 on urban youth in Mozambique

The negative economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mozambique range from reduced social interaction to business closures, job losses, and increased poverty...

Education Youth Employment
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