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Journal Article
Elite capture of foreign aid: Evidence from offshore bank accounts

Do elites capture foreign aid?...

Foreign aid Elites Offshore financial centres
UNU-WIDER releases guidebook on economic growth in fragile contexts Fragile states Inclusive growth Elites
Deals and development in fragile and conflict-affected states: Framework and policy guidebook Fragile states Inclusive growth Elites
Book Chapter
Gunnar Myrdal and Asian Drama in Context

From the book: Asian Transformations

States and elites Elites Gunnar Myrdal
Working Paper
Unofficial sovereign wealth funds and duration in power in Africa

This paper argues that in weak states, leaders whose hold on power is secured by the public fortune have turned to the use of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), especially unofficial SWFs, to cement their hold on power...

Autonomy Natural resources political survival
Working Paper
Gunnar Myrdal and Asian Drama in context

This paper attempts to understand Asian Drama in the context of the development debates of its time, and in terms of the sensibilities that Gunnar Myrdal—the brilliant economic theorist and philosopher of knowledge, and Swedish politician&mdash...

States and elites Elites Gunnar Myrdal
Working Paper
How do voters respond to information on self-serving elite behaviour?: Evidence from a randomized survey experiment in Tanzania

Does self-serving elite behaviour make citizens more politically active? This paper presents the results of a randomized field experiment where voters in Tanzania were given information about elite use of tax havens...

Elites Citizens Voter turnout
Economic Elites, Crises, and Austerity in 21st Century Capitalism

24 September 2014 Andrés Solimano The era of neoliberal capitalism starting by the late 1970s and early 1980s promotes free trade, capital mobility, fragmented migration, privatization, deregulation and marketization...

Capitalism Democracy Economic policy
Working Paper
Global Capitalism Theory and the Emergence of Transnational Elites

The class and social structure of developing nations has undergone profound transformation in recent decades as each nation has incorporated into an increasingly integrated global production and financial system...

International finance International relations Political science
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