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Working Paper
The politics of affirmative action: ethnicity, equity, and state-business relations in Malaysia

Malaysia provides for interesting paradoxes. Poverty was reduced by adopting a horizontal perspective to policy planning through affirmative action targeting one ethnic group lagging economically in society...

Politics Enterprises Affirmative action
Working Paper
Do bigger health budgets cushion pandemics?: An empirical test of COVID-19 deaths across the world

How has government healthcare spending prepared countries for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic? Arguably, spending is the primary policy tool of governments in providing effective health...

COVID-19 Healthcare Healthcare expenditure
Working Paper
Who demands labour (de)regulation in the developing world?: Insider–outsider theory revisited

Contrary to the predictions of the insider–outsider model, we show that the large majority of outsiders in developing countries support, rather than oppose, protective labour regulations...

Formal and informal Labour Labour market segmentation
Working Paper
Linking taxation and social protection: Evidence on redistribution and poverty reduction in Ethiopia

The reduction of poverty, and more recently inequality, are pressing concerns in many low- and middle-income countries, not in the least as a result of the Sustainable Development Goals committing countries to significant improvements by 2030...

Equity Income tax Taxation
Taxation: Inequality, Equity, and Efficiency – An Interview with Michael Keen

8 October 2014 by Roger Williamson Michael Keen from the International Monetary Fund addressed the UNU-WIDER Development Conference in September 2014 “Equity Objectives and Puzzles in Linking Tax and Spending”...

Government policy (Poor) Equality and inequality Equity
Rising Inequality – How to Reverse It?

30 October 2014 Dominik Etienne and Annett Victorero The last decade has witnessed a revival of concern over the impact of high-income concentration on economic development and wellbeing...

Economic development Economic growth Economic policy
Working Paper
Can Climate Finance Achieve Gender Equity in Developing Countries?

We develop the climate finance-gender equity framework in this paper and use the ‘contextual-procedural-distributive’ equity as a lens of analysis to examine how climate finance helps challenge, and reinforce, gender inequities in the mit...

Sociology of economics Environmental economics Equity
Working Paper
Concepts and Operationalization of Pro-Poor Growth

Growth that reduces poverty is often considered pro-poor regardless of whether the poor benefit from it more than the non-poor. Such growth could simply be termed poverty-reducing growth...

Economic development Equity Income distribution
Working Paper
Development of Financial Intermediation and the Dynamics of Rural-Urban Inequality: China, 1978-98

Using China as a test case, this paper empirically investigates how the development of financial intermediation affects rural-urban income disparity (RUID)...

Central banking Equity Housing
Working Paper
Development Policy: An Introduction for Students

This paper discusses development policy objectives, noting how these have changed over the years, with a more explicit focus on poverty reduction coming recently to the fore...

Economic development Equity Poverty
Book Chapter
Economic Policy, Distribution, and Poverty: The Nature of Disagreements

From the book: Growth, Inequality and Poverty

Economic development Economic policy Equity
Working Paper
Idiosyncratic Risk in the 1990s: Is It an IT Story?

This paper examines trends in idiosyncratic risk in different ‘new economy’ and ‘old economy’ industries, and explores whether these developments can be attributed to the use of IT...

Capital market Equity Information technology
Book Chapter
Cost Recovery and Equity in the Health Sector: The Case of Zimbabwe

From the book: Social Provision in Low-Income Countries

Equity Financial crisis Healthcare
Book Chapter
Regional Integration on Uneven Terms: The Case of Mexico within NAFTA

From the book: National Perspectives on the New Regionalism in the North

Equity Free trade International economic relations
Book Chapter
Regional Integration - Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Entity: In Whose Interest?

From the book: National Perspectives on the New Regionalism in the South

Economic integration Equity International economic relations
Book Chapter
Openness, Financial Innovation, Changing Patterns of Ownership, and the Structure of Financial Markets

From the book: Financial Openness and National Autonomy

Economic policy Equity Finance
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