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Research Brief
Turnin’ it up a notch: Can foreign direct investment help South Africa increase the complexity of its exports?

Since the end of apartheid, South Africa’s economic challenges have disrupted efforts to establish a society of inclusive growth and prosperity...

Economic complexity Foreign Direct Investment FDI
Working Paper
Turnin’ it up a notch: how spillovers from foreign direct investment boost the complexity of South Africa’s exports

Countries’ economic complexity, and the associated diversification and sophistication of their exports, is a key determinant of economic growth...

Economic complexity Foreign Direct Investment FDI
Working Paper
Linked in by foreign direct investment: The role of firm-level relationships in knowledge transfers in Africa and Asia

This study combines evidence from interviews in seven countries with (i) government institutions responsible for attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), (ii) 102 multinational enterprises (MNEs), and (iii) 226 domestic firms linked to these forei...

FDI Technology transfer Knowledge transfers
Working Paper
Diaspora externalities: A view from the South

Migration decisions affect those left-behind in ways that are partly taken into account by market forces (e.g., wage effects on labour markets) and for the most part these can be seen as pure externalities...

Diaspora networks International migration Development
International Economic Association 17th World Congress

UNU-WIDER organized two sessions during the 17th World Congress of the International Economic Association. Learning to Compete – Sunday 8 June 2014 Chaired by Finn Tarp Out of Africa: A comparative perspective on why Africa failed to...

6 June 201410 June 2014
Dead Sea, Jordan
Past event
Southern engines of global growth

Theme: 2006-07

The project centers on the inter-linkages between the major developing countries of Brazil, India, China and South Africa and the global economy, with a special emphasis on the implications of China’s growth on smaller economies and the rest...

Globalization and Trade Growth Trade
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