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Field experiments
Journal Article
Participation of charity beneficiaries

Anecdotal evidence suggests that involving beneficiaries in charity decision-making ensures better governance processes...

Field experiments Segregation
Journal Article
Searching for religious discrimination among childcare workers

We implement a lab-in-the-field experiment among childcare workers in Chandigarh, India, to evaluate discriminatory attitudes of the Hindu workers toward Muslim children...

Discrimination in employment Field experiments Health
Working Paper
NGOs and the effectiveness of interventions

Interventions in remote, rural settings face high transaction costs...

Field experiments NGOs
Journal Article
Public disclosure for carbon abatement: African decision-makers in a PROPER public good experiment

A linear public good experiment adopted from Holt and Laury [1997. Classroom games: Voluntary provision of a public good...

Field experiments Pollution Public goods
Working Paper
Cooperation and leadership in a segregated community: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experiment in a South African township

The paper presents the results of a lab-in-the-field experiment in three South African townships located in the suburbs of Cape Town...

Field experiments Segregation
Working Paper
Searching for religious discrimination among Anganwadi workers in India: An experimental investigation

This paper examines whether, in India, discriminatory practices by government-employed child caregivers along religious lines, lead to differential health outcomes among the care receiving children...

Discrimination in employment Field experiments Health
Working Paper
The behavioural implications of women’s empowerment programmes

Participatory community programmes are a potentially important tool for social empowerment and economic development. How do participatory programmes that specifically target women affect community trust and cohesion?...

Economic development Field experiments Pension trusts
Working Paper
Caste differences in behaviour and personality: Evidence from India

The persistent gap in economic outcomes between the upper and lower caste groups in India is typically explained through differences in endowments and the presence of discrimination...

Caste Field experiments Organizational behavior
Working Paper
Affirmative action and effort choice: An experimental investigation

We study the effect of affirmative action on effort in an experiment conducted in high schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas in Queensland, Australia...

Field experiments Public administration Public policy (Law)
Working Paper
Racial bias and the validity of the Implicit Association Test

Implicit associations and biases are carried without awareness of conscious direction. In this paper, I develop a model to study giving behaviours under conditions of implicit bias...

Economic conditions Field experiments
Journal Special Issue
Experiments in Development Economics

In recent years, experimental methods have been both highly celebrated, and roundly criticized, as a means of addressing core questions in the social sciences. They have received particular attention in the analysis of development interventions...

Corporate governance Economic development Field experiments
Journal Article
Reflections on the Ethics of Social Experimentation

Part of Journal Special Issue Experiments in Development Economics

Methodology (Economics) Experimental design Field experiments
Out of the Poverty Trap Through Higher Aspirations?

Why does a mother from a poor African village not send her daughter to school, but instead marries her off to an old man as a second or third wife? This way poverty is inherited from parent to child...

Agricultural labourers Children Field experiments
Experimental and non-experimental methods to study government performance: contributions and limits

Theme: 2012-13

In recent years, field experiments using randomized trials have gained increasing popularity in the field of development economics. In particular, scholars have argued strongly for their use as the best means of identifying ‘what works’...

Field experiments Non-experimental methods Governance
What Can Experiments Tell Us About How to Improve Governance?

Rachel M. Gisselquist and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa Over the past decade, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have become a staple of research in development economics...

Cost effectiveness Experimental design Field experiments
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