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Working Paper
Domestic savings in sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Ghana

One essential condition of economic progress in any society is an ample supply of savings, which depends on the growth of real capital. Economists agree that higher investment rates will lead to higher growth...

Domestic savings Reforms Time-series analysis
Sales recovered faster from the pandemic than employment: Evidence from tax administrative and survey data in Zambia

Like most other countries, the government of Zambia introduced restrictions to control COVID-19, which considerably curtailed normal economic activity...

Competitiveness Debt Finance
Tony Addisson at the International Financial Architecture as a Global Public Good

Tony Addison has been invited to speak at the International Financial Architecture as a Global Public Good — an expert roundtable in support of Our Common Agenda . The event takes place online on 28 March 2022 at 9am (EST), and it will focus...

28 March 2022
Online, United States
Past event
Working Paper
Forecasting recovery from COVID-19 using financial data: An application to Viet Nam

We develop a new methodology to nowcast the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and forecast its evolution in small, export-oriented countries...

COVID-19 Pandemic Forecasting
Working Paper
Financial systems in new middle-income African economies: The opportunities and the risks

This paper examines the possible implications for the financial systems of low-income African economies and in particular Tanzania of their stated aspiration to achieve middle-income status...

Econometrics Economic development Finance
Working Paper
China’s international development finance: Past, present, and future

China is emerging as perhaps the most globally significant development finance provider, going far beyond concessional foreign aid...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Finance
Positioning the Climate Finance in the post-2015 Development Agenda

24 June 2013 Aziz Karimov By the end of 2015, we will see a new global development agenda which will substitute the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)...

Climate change Finance Millennium Development Goals
Research Brief
Foreign Assistance in a Climate-Constrained World

The three goals of promoting development, adaptation to climate change, and climate change mitigation are in reality inseparable policy areas and as such there is a compelling case for addressing them simultaneously...

Finance Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid
Research Brief
The Role of ODA in Infrastructure Financing

It has long been recognized that the creation of an adequate infrastructure is vital for creating sustainable growth and reducing poverty in Africa...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Finance Infrastructure (Economics)
Working Paper
Does Financial Liberalisation Improve Access to Investment Finance in Developing Countries?

This paper considers the effect of financial liberalisation on access to investment finance using firm level data covering 57 developing and transition countries...

Credit Finance Financial institutions
Working Paper
Aid and Infrastructure Financing: Emerging Challenges with a Focus on Africa

The central argument of this study is that given the magnitude of the investment in infrastructure that is required, especially in Africa, the role of foreign aid in the future should be distinctly different...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Finance Infrastructure (Economics)
Journal Article
The Finance – Growth Thesis: A Sceptical Assessment

Financial liberalisation is widely seen as key to promoting financial development and unlocking growth in developing countries...

Economic growth Finance
Journal Article
Finance and Economic Development in Africa: Introduction and Overview

It is clear that a lot remains to be learnt about the role of the financial sector in African growth and development process...

Economic development Economic growth Finance
From the Editor's Desk (December 2011)

Tony Addison With the end of the year fast approaching, we bring you the last Angle of 2011. Here in Helsinki, the shortest day of the year is nearly upon us when we will have six hours of daylight...

Finance Climate change Right of property
From the Editor's desk (November 2011)

Tony Addison As we come to the end of November, the snow has yet to arrive in Helsinki...

Finance Climate change Raw materials
Working Paper
Foreign Assistance in a Climate-Constrained World

The emergence of climate finance has the potential to catalyze positive changes in the institutional architecture and distribution mechanisms for financial flows to lower income countries...

Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid Finance
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