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Firm growth
Working Paper
Firm-level employment growth in South Africa: The role of innovation and exports

This paper investigates the effect of innovation on employment growth at the firm level in South Africa. Innovation is typically associated with better export performance at the firm level due to productivity enhancements and new products...

Employment Exports Firm growth
Research Brief
Firms with high-growth episodes in South Africa: Are they persistently high-growth firms?

The analysis of firm growth has been a topic of consistent economic interest as a growing body of literature has lent support to the possibility that the majority of growth and new employment creation is the result of a small sub-sector of high-growt...

Firm growth High-growth firms Regression analysis
Working Paper
On the persistence of growth for South African firms

The growth of firms has been shown to have a meaningful impact on the health of firms and the economy in general...

Firm growth High-growth firms Regression analysis
Working Paper
Defining high-growth firms in South Africa

Traditionally, much of the research on economic growth drivers has been focused on small and medium enterprises...

Firm growth High-growth firms South Africa
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