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Author workshop on firms and taxation using micro data from Uganda
8 February 20239 February 2023
Online, Uganda
Past event
Journal Article
Local governance quality and law compliance: The case of Mozambican firms

In sub-Saharan Africa, many micro and small enterprises do not (or at least only partially) comply with official rules and regulations...

Governance Transparency Law
Journal Article
Informality and firm performance in Myanmar

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Firms Informality Myanmar
Working Paper
How have formal firms recovered from the pandemic?: Insights from survey and tax administrative data in Zambia

This paper examines how formal firms have been impacted by and recovered from the pandemic by drawing on two distinct but complementary data sources...

Firms COVID-19 Tax administration data
Working Paper
Spillovers from extractive industries

Extractive industries form an important part of the economy for many developing countries, but their impact on growth and welfare remains understudied...

Mining South Africa Spillovers
Working Paper
COVID-19 in Central America: effects of firm resilience and policy responses on employment

With data from the World Bank Enterprise Survey, this paper examines how firm-level resilience capabilities interact with government support in the reduction of lay-offs among formal firms in Central America...

Capabilities Resilience COVID-19
Working Paper
Contract clientelism: How infrastructure contracts fund vote-buying

Where does the money come from to buy votes? We argue that an important source of funds for vote-buying comes from ‘contract clientelism’, or the provision of public contracts to private firms in exchange for campaign donations...

Contracts vote-buying Clientelism
Working Paper
Local governance quality and law compliance: The case of Mozambican firms

Using panel data of manufacturing enterprises in Mozambique between 2012 and 2017, we investigate how changes in perceived quality of governance are related to firms’ law compliance...

Governance Transparency Law
Working Paper
The minimum wage and firm networks: Evidence from South Africa

There is a large literature on the minimum wage focused on directly exposed firms and geographies...

Minimum wage Supply chains Firms
Working Paper
Cash grants to manufacturers after Cyclone Idai: RCT evidence from Mozambique

In March 2019, Cyclone Idai hit central Mozambique and caused widespread damage, including businesses in the enterprise sector...

Firms Manufacturing Natural disasters
Working Paper
Cyclone impacts on manufacturing firms in Mozambique

This study investigates how manufacturing companies were affected by tropical Cyclone Idai, which struck Central Mozambique in March 2019...

Firms Natural disasters
Technical Note
Identifying foreign firms and South African multinational enterprises: CIT-IRP5 panel v4.0

The identification of foreign firms and South African multinational enterprises (MNEs) in the CIT-IRP5 panel has proved to be a challenge for many researchers...

Multinational firms Foreign firms Tax data
Working Paper
Informality and firm performance in Myanmar

Using a novel panel survey of enterprises in Myanmar, we compare the performance of manufacturing firms by three different informality definitions. The first is binary, based on whether firms pay taxes...

Firms Informality Myanmar
Working Paper
Partnership for inclusive growth: Can linkages with large firms spur the growth of SMEs in Tanzania?

A recent strand of literature on small and medium enterprise (SME) development identifies linkages with large firms as some of the enablers of development and competitiveness. However, there is a dearth of empirical studies on the topic...

SMEs Firm linkages Firms
Working Paper
Linkages and spillover effects of South African foreign direct investment in Botswana and Kenya

In recent decades, the impact of South African foreign direct investment in Africa has been captured by research and policy. This paper investigates linkages and spillover effects of South African foreign direct investment in Botswana and Kenya...

Foreign Direct Investment Economic linkages Spillover effects
Opening the vault: Data, research, and improved policymaking in South Africa

Policymakers often work in the dark, as they try to make real impact on people’s lives. If you don’t have good data, being worked on by good researchers, it can be hard to know whether efforts are truly making a difference...

Tax Data Firms
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