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Foreign aid
Journal Article
Aid and social cohesion

A plethora of work has been done on the effectiveness of foreign aid. However, virtually none of the previous cross- country macro studies have investigated the impact of aid on social cohesion...

Social cohesion Foreign aid Panel data
Working Paper
Evidence on aid (in)effectiveness in highly fragile states: A synthesis of three systematic reviews of aid to Afghanistan, Mali, and South Sudan, 2008–21

This working paper provides a summary of three systematic reviews on the effectiveness of aid in Afghanistan, Mali, and South Sudan between 2008 and 2021...

Foreign aid Aid effectiveness Systematic review
Working Paper
Development narratives in a post-aid era: Reflections on implications for the global effectiveness agenda

This paper argues that the crisis facing the development effectiveness agenda is fundamentally derived from limited collective commitment to a singular model of development, one where a developed North serves as model and funder for a developing Sout...

Development effectiveness Foreign aid International cooperation
Working Paper
Hidden hostility: donor attention and political violence

Political violence is a worldwide problem that has been on the rise over the past decade. The international dimension of domestic repression and dissent is a particularly relevant factor yet surprisingly understudied...

Political violence Repression Riots
Journal Article
The dynamic effects of aid and taxes on government spending

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW | This article examines the impact of foreign aid and taxes on government spending for 67 developing countries during 1980–2013 using dynamic heterogeneous (panel) time-series techniques...

Aid Cross-section dependence Heterogeneity
Working Paper
Foreign aid and intergenerational mobility in Africa

While there is extensive literature examining the growth and development effects of foreign aid, very little attention has been paid to its potential impact on social mobility...

Foreign aid Intergenerational Mobility Africa
Working Paper
Can fungibility of development aid lead to more effective achievement of the SDGs?: An analysis of the aggregate welfare effect of aid fungibility

In this paper, we explore the relationship between foreign aid fungibility and aggregate welfare...

Foreign aid Econometrics Aggregate welfare
Working Paper
Aid, taxes, and government spending: A heterogeneous co-integrated panel analysis

A substantial amount of aid to developing countries is given to the government, or goes through the budget, meaning it should have an impact on government fiscal behaviour (particularly on government spending)...

Aid Cross-section dependence Heterogeneity
Do elites capture foreign aid?

Does foreign aid end up in the pockets of elites instead of contributing to inclusive economic development?...

Corruption Foreign aid Wealth inequality
Journal Article
Elite capture of foreign aid: Evidence from offshore bank accounts

Do elites capture foreign aid?...

Foreign aid Elites Offshore financial centres
Working Paper
Aid's impact on democracy

This paper investigates the impact of foreign aid on democratic outcomes using a panel of countries for the period between 1995 and 2018...

Foreign aid Democracy Democracy aid
Working Paper
Donors for tax morale: Evidence from 34 African countries

Do aid projects affect citizens’ motivation to pay taxes? We address this question by combining fine-grained data on aid projects from AidData and survey data from the Afrobarometer for 34 African countries...

Foreign aid Tax morale State capacity
Working Paper
Aid and social cohesion

A plethora of work has been done on the effectiveness of foreign aid. However, virtually none of the previous studies has investigated the impact of aid on social cohesion...

Social cohesion Foreign aid Panel data
Book Chapter
Foreign aid and peacebuilding

Foreign aid is a core component of peacebuilding and among the largest external financial flows to fragile states and conflict-affected areas. Nevertheless, troubling critiques have been raised about its overall impact and effectiveness...

Foreign aid Peacebuilding Aid effectiveness
Foreign aid can help stem the decline of democracy, if used in the right way

Democracy is having a hard time. In India, once the world’s largest democracy, the pandemic has hastened the country’s slide toward authoritarianism ...

Foreign aid Development aid Aid effectiveness
Rachel M. Gisselquist and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa on Effectiveness of International & Swedish Democracy Aid for USAID

Miguel Niño-Zarazúa , Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER, and Rachel M. Gisselquist , Senior Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER will be presenting and discussing the findings of the report Effects of Swedish and international...

24 March 2021
Online, United States
Past event
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