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Foreign aid
Working Paper
The donor footprint and gender gaps

In this paper we analyse the impact of foreign aid on gender outcomes and attitudes. We do this by matching geocoded household surveys with aid projects...

Foreign aid Gender Geocoded data
Policy Brief
Development assistance for peacebuilding Conflict management Foreign aid Economic development
Made in Africa – the future of production on the continent

The international community has a new set of development goals. They reflect Africa’s aspirations much more closely than the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) they replaced...

Production Manufacturing Industrial development
Responding to crises: What can we do? What’s next?

Although sometimes over used, the word 'crisis' accurately describes many challenges of today's world, such as climage change, war and refugees, economic volatility, pandemics, and the continuing unmet needs of the poor, hungry, and negle...

Climate change Development Foreign aid
Policy seminar
A WIDER presentation on jobs - DFID policy seminar

Tony Addison, Carol Newman and Finn Tarp presented research evidence on the topic of job creation and employment at a policy seminar organized by the Department for International Development (DFID).

31 March 2016
DFID, 22 Whitehall, London, United Kingdom
Past event
The Impact of Policies on Inequality

Conference on Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts, and policies - Parallel 3.3

Inequality Measurement (Poverty) Foreign aid
Role of Foreign Aid

Conference on Climate Change and Development Policy - Parallel 4.1

Climate change Economic growth Foreign aid
In the media
In focus: Growth and inequality - Finn Tarp at the Uongozi Institute Economic growth Foreign aid
Fragile Development 2015-2030: Understanding how insecurity and poor governance will affect sustainable development

On 19th June UNU-WIDER Non-Resident Research Fellow Roger Williamson, participated in a panel entitled “Fragile Development 2015-2030: Understanding how insecurity and poor governance will affect sustainable development”. The panel was...

19 June 2015
Guoman Tower Hotel, St Katharine's Way, London, United Kingdom
Past event
Policy workshop
Development finance - a role for foreign assistance

Has foreign aid boosted economic growth on average in developing countries? How and why is the aid landscape changing? What are the key strategic choices ahead for the development community? ​These and many other questions were discussed in a policy...

8 June 2015
Danish Embassy, Mchafukoge, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Past event
Presentation to journalists at the MFA Finland Development Academy

Finn Tarp , Director of UNU-WIDER, presented on the effects of aid at the aggregate level to the sixth annual Development Academy organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland for journalists . Presentation

7 April 2015
MFA Finland Development Academy, Laivastokatu 22, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
International Economic Association 17th World Congress

UNU-WIDER organized two sessions during the 17th World Congress of the International Economic Association. Learning to Compete – Sunday 8 June 2014 Chaired by Finn Tarp Out of Africa: A comparative perspective on why Africa failed to...

6 June 201410 June 2014
Dead Sea, Jordan
Past event
Does development aid work?

Presentation to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Finnish Parliament on Aid Effectiveness. See slides here.

5 May 2014
Parliament house, Mannerheimintie 30, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Group visit by students from University of Tampere

Group visit by students of University of Tampere, Finland, for briefing on UNU-WIDER's mandate and research, particularly ongoing research work within the project on Foreign Aid: Research and Communications ...

1 April 2014
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Aid, growth, poverty and the global context

Presentation on i) aid, growth and development: what do we know?; (ii) poverty and human development; (iii) the changing global context; and (iv) Conclusions: a post 2015 perspective. Based on UNU-WIDER's research on foreign aid (ReCom) and to...

25 March 2014
JICA Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan
Past event
Aid in a Post-2015 World

Now out the ReCom - Research and Communication on Foreign Aid programme summary which outlines 15 key findings relevant to the post-2015 agenda.

Foreign aid Social sectors Gender equality
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