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Forests and forestry
Working Paper
Ethnic disparity in altruism towards reforestation: A social preference experiment in Mindoro, Philippines

This paper presents a framed field experiment on ecological altruism in Mindoro, Philippines. Behavioural differences between ethnic groups in Mindoro—the Tagalogs and the Mangyans—were investigated...

Field experiment Forests and forestry Altruism
Working Paper
Implementing EU renewable energy policy at the subnational level: Navigating between conflicting interests

The European Union (EU) has set targets for gradually reducing greenhouse gas emissions through 2050. One of the instruments involved is the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive, which specifies a 20 per cent renewable energy target for the EU by 2020...

Forests and forestry Renewable energy State governments
Sustainable Forests

Conference on Climate Change and Development Policy - Parallel 6.3

Forests and forestry Climate change
Role of Foreign Aid

Conference on Climate Change and Development Policy - Parallel 4.1

Climate change Economic growth Foreign aid
From the Editor’s Desk (October 2013)

31 October 2013 Tony Addison October finds Angle in New York, for our event on ‘Fragility and Aid–What Works?’ at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN...

Agriculture Budget Children
Research Brief
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid in the Forestry Sector

Forest degradation remains a leading environmental problem, given the scale of forest loss and the crucial role of forests to both climate change mitigation and adaptation...

Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid Forests and forestry
Working Paper
Foreign Aid and Sustainable Forestry

Foreign aid can contribute to sustainable forestry in many ways. The goal is to secure forest benefits of the future, without compromising the needs of the present generations. This paper elaborates on forestry aid as it has evolved in the past...

Agriculture Conservation of natural resources Economic assistance and foreign aid
Working Paper
Leveraging Global Climate Finance for Sustainable Forests: Opportunities and Conditions for Successful Foreign Aid to the Forestry Sector

Forest loss and degradation remains a leading environmental problem. The long history of sustainable forest management has often failed to meet expectations—constrained by funding, governance, capacity and competing interests...

Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid Forests and forestry
Working Paper
Reputation, Policy Risk, and Land Use: A Study of China’s ‘Grain for Green’ Programme

Since 1999, China has spent RMB 50 billion (about US$7 billion) to implement the ‘Grain for Green’ programme, the largest land retirement programme in the developing world...

Conservation of natural resources Farm produce Forests and forestry
Working Paper
Forest Management, Gender, and Food Security of the Rural Poor in Africa

This paper addresses the economic impact of forest management on gender and food security of rural poor in Africa...

Food security Forests and forestry Poor
Book Chapter
Turning to Forestry for a Way Out of Poverty: Is Formalizing Property Rights Enough?

From the book: Linking the Formal and Informal Economy

Forests and forestry Laws and legislation (Land use) Poverty
Book Chapter
The Hidden Side of Group Behaviour: A Gender Analysis of Community Forestry in South Asia

From the book: Group Behaviour and Development

Cost effectiveness Equality and inequality Forests and forestry
Book Chapter
A Nordic Perspective on Natural Resource Abundance

From the book: Resource Abundance and Economic Development

Economic growth Forests and forestry Natural resources
Book Chapter
Devolution of Control of Common Pool Resources to Local Communities: Experiences in Forestry

From the book: Access to Land, Rural Poverty, and Public Action

Forests and forestry Rural development
Working Paper
Group Functioning and Community Forestry in South Asia: A Gender Analysis and Conceptual Framework

This paper examines group functioning in the management of common pool resources, such as forests. In recent years community forestry groups have mushroomed in South Asia. But how participative, equitable and efficient are they?...

Cost effectiveness Equality and inequality Forests and forestry
Working Paper
Forest Transitions and Carbon Fluxes: Global Scenarios and Policies

Forests as stocks, sinks and sources of carbon have become a vital issue in global politics, along with the Kyoto Protocol of the Framework Convention on Climate Change...

Environmental policy Forests and forestry Global warming
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