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Working Paper
Occupational gender segregation in post-apartheid South Africa

In this paper, I show that occupations in South Africa are segregated and stratified not only by race, but also by gender...

Gender Occupational segregation Stratification
Journal Article
Discrimination, Social Capital, and Financial Constraints: The Case of Viet Nam

This paper examines the relationship among gender, social capital, and access to finance of micro, small, and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector in Viet Nam...

Entrepreneurship Financial constraints Gender
Working Paper
Gender inequality in employment in Mozambique

We investigate the trend in the gender employment gap in the expanding non-subsistence sector of the economy in Mozambique, a country still characterized by a large subsistence agricultural sector...

Gender Employment Education
Working Paper
Impact of school feeding programmes on educational outcomes: Evidence from dry cereals in schools in Burkina Faso

Food for Education (FFE) programmes have been implemented in developing countries since the 1960s...

Enrolment School attendance Gender
Working Paper
Breaking the metal ceiling: Female entrepreneurs who succeed in male-dominated sectors

Occupational segregation significantly contributes to the earnings gender gap worldwide...

Gender Norms Labour market participation
Working Paper
Why do women co-operate more in women’s groups?

We examine a public goods game in 83 communities in northern Liberia...

Public goods Gender Bayesian estimation
Working Paper
The effect of China’s One Child Policy on sex selection, family size, and the school enrolment of daughters

I first document that the introduction of the One Child Policy dramatically increased sex selection in certain regions, and that the Chinese government responded to this by allowing parents who had a daughter as their first child to try for a second ...

Development Education Family planning
Working Paper
Gender and bargaining: Evidence from an artefactual field experiment in rural Uganda

We study gender differences in bilateral bargaining using an artefactual field experiment in rural Uganda, through variation in gender composition of bargaining pairs and in disclosure of identities...

Artefactual field experiment Bargaining Gender
Working Paper
Gender, Islam, and law

This paper considers arguments about Islam and women’s welfare, and, at greater length, how legal systems with Islamic elements treat women, with a focus on how women fare in Islamic family courts...

Courts Ethnography Gender
Working Paper
Explaining gender differences in preference for self-employment among tertiary graduates in Ghana

We examine gender differences in ambitions and expectations of jobseekers concerning self-employment, an increasingly proposed option for youth in economies with limited wage employment...

Gender Ghana Graduate employability
Working Paper
Eradicating women-hurting customs: What role for social engineering?

Social engineering refers to deliberate attempts, often under the form of legislative moves, to promote changes in customs and norms that hurt the interests of marginalized population groups...

Social norms Harmful customs Gender
Working Paper
The differential impact of economic crisis on men and women, and its connection to intra-household bargaining

This paper discusses whether the Asian financial crisis affected men and women differently in Indonesia by estimating the effect of district consumption shock during the crisis on changes in men’s and women’s working status and assets...

Economic crisis Coping strategies Gender
Working Paper
Are caste categories misleading?: The relationship between gender and jati in three Indian states

This paper examines the relationship between caste and gender inequality in three states in India...

Autonomy Caste Gender
Working Paper
The donor footprint and gender gaps

In this paper we analyse the impact of foreign aid on gender outcomes and attitudes. We do this by matching geocoded household surveys with aid projects...

Foreign aid Gender Geocoded data
Working Paper
Health consequences of sterilizations

One-third of married women are sterilized in India. This is largely due to family planning programs that put a strong emphasis on ‘permanent’ contraceptive methods rather than temporary ones...

Development Fertility, Human Gender
Working Paper
Excess female mortality in Africa

Relative to developed countries, there are far fewer women than men in parts of the developing world. Estimates suggest that more than 200 million women are demographically ‘missing’ worldwide...

Missing women Mortality Gender
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