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Gender equality
Journal Article
A macro analysis of gender segregation and job quality in Latin America

Part of Journal Special Issue Women’s Work

Gender equality Latin America Macroeconomics
Working Paper
Social protection for working-age women in Tanzania: Exploring past policy trajectories and simulating future paths

Tanzania has expanded its social protection framework significantly over the past decade, but the country continues to grapple with important gender inequalities...

Social protection Tanzania Women
Does access to microfinance help or hinder women’s empowerment?

Almost everywhere, women are underrepresented in labour markets compared to men...

Gender equality Gender equality; Labour markets Bangladesh
The COVID-19 crisis, informal workers, and gender — understanding the intersections

The COVID-19 crisis — the pandemic, restrictions, and recession — has not been a grand leveler...

Equality and inequality COVID-19 Gender
A fiercely contested omission — or why we need to keep talking about unpaid care

In the late 1950s, the United Nations System of National Accounts was set up to promote the collection of internationally comparable data on productive activity in different countries...

Unpaid labour Gender equality Gender inequality
Photo: Brett Davies Pathfinding new book on Social Mobility in Developing Countries out now Economics social sciences Social mobility
Policy Brief
Six sets of policy actions to promote social mobility

Promoting social mobility is an essential task of development, and a multi-faceted one. Precarious livelihoods are widespread. Containing downward mobility is an important precondition for sustaining upward mobility...

Social mobility Poverty Inequality
A summer reading list of our latest papers, articles, and books

At the UNU-WIDER offices here in Helsinki, Finland, the summer holidays are almost upon us. Looking at the list of new UNU-WIDER publications, it is easy to see how much we accomplished this past year, despite the many constraints faced...

Inequality Gender equality Gender inequality
Panel on the ‘Structure and drivers of the quantity and quality of women’s work in Latin America’ at the 29th Annual International Association for Feminist Economics

The UNU-WIDER project on ‘Women’s work — routes to economic and social empowerment’ presents at the 29th IAFFE Annual Conference, held virtually between 22 – 25 June 2021.

25 June 2021
Online, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
A macro–micro analysis of gender segregation and job quality in Latin America

Latin America has seen vast improvements in gender educational and health equality...

Gender equality Latin America Macroeconomics
Kunal Sen at WEDGE/EMERGE "Interrogating Gender" Seminar

Kunal Sen speaks at the WEDGE and EMERGE programme's first web-based discussion on gender equality and data. The discussion explores what we measure in labor force surveys, what we do not count, and how decisions regarding measurement shape...

22 January 2021
Online, United States
Past event
Project workshop
Women's work – Routes to social and economic empowerment
19 November 20203 December 2020
Virtual, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
The quantity and quality of women’s work SDG5 Gender equality Women's work
Photo: Ikhlasul Amal Women's work – routes to economic and social empowerment

Theme: Transforming societies

Women's economic empowerment Female labour force participation Gender equality
Book Chapter
The role of gender in the extractive industries

From the book: Extractive Industries

Extractive industries Gender equality Sustainable development
Tackling gender inequality from all directions

Improving the position of women continues to be an important concern in development...

Gender equality Development aid SDGs
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