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Gender inequality
A fiercely contested omission — or why we need to keep talking about unpaid care

In the late 1950s, the United Nations System of National Accounts was set up to promote the collection of internationally comparable data on productive activity in different countries...

Unpaid labour Gender equality Gender inequality
Working Paper
Impact of female peer composition on gender norm perceptions and skills formation in secondary school

This paper examines peer effects on students’ gender norm perceptions and skills formation...

Peer effect Gender norms Gender inequality
A summer reading list of our latest papers, articles, and books

At the UNU-WIDER offices here in Helsinki, Finland, the summer holidays are almost upon us. Looking at the list of new UNU-WIDER publications, it is easy to see how much we accomplished this past year, despite the many constraints faced...

Inequality Gender equality Gender inequality
Working Paper
What explains the gender gap in top incomes in developing countries?: Evidence from Ecuador

Based on tax records data from Ecuador, we analyse gender differences in top income groups from 2008 to 2017...

Top incomes Gender inequality Tax data
Working Paper
Material barriers, cultural boundaries: A mixed-methods analysis of gender and labour market segmentation in Bangladesh

Data on female labour force participation in Bangladesh suggest that, despite the increase in female-intensive employment opportunities through microfinance, export garment manufacturing, and community-based services, the majority of working women ar...

Gender inequality Labour market segmentation Mixed methods
Persistent gender roles in South Africa deprive women of leisure time

In most countries, traditional gender roles within the household are still common due to the prevalence and persistence of patriarchal systems...

South Africa Women's empowerment Female labour force participation
Working Paper
The influence of household composition on leisure time in South Africa: A gender comparison

This study considers how household composition influences the leisure time of men and women in South Africa, using the South African 2010 Time Use Survey...

leisure household composition Gender inequality
The labour market implications of COVID-19 for Bangladeshi women

With the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Bangladesh on 8 March 2020 and the initiation of a lockdown on 26 March 2020, 1 the livelihoods of a significant number of people were under serious threat — with women most likely to suffer the wors...

COVID-19 Gender inequality Labour force participation
Journal Article
Segregation of women into low-paying occupations in the United States

We extend the conventional framework for measuring segregation to consider the stratification of occupations by gender, i.e. when either women or men are predominantly segregated into low-paying jobs...

Gender inequality Low-paying occupations Occupational segregation
Policy Brief
Unequal growth in Mozambique and the region

There is an increasing interest in the analysis of economic inequalities in least developed countries...

Poverty Growth Unequal growth
Mehwish Ghulam Ali on do son preferences cause a gap between desired and actual fertility in Pakistan?

Mehwish Ghulam Ali will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 6 November 2019. Abstract - Do son preferences cause a gap between desired and actual fertility in Pakistan? Parental preference for sons is a major characteristic of many societies...

6 November 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Journal Article
Contract Farming in Mozambique: Implications for Gender Inequalities Within and Across Rural Households

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequalities in the least developed countries

Contract farming Gender inequality Mozambique
Journal Article
Introduction to Special Issue on: ‘Inequalities in the Least Developed Countries – Some Lessons from Africa’

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequalities in the least developed countries

Economic inequality Multidimensional poverty Inequality and Well-being
Journal Special Issue
Inequalities in the least developed countries: Some lessons from Africa Inequality child malnutrition Women's empowerment
Moving out of identity silos and into intersectionality: The example of gender identity

Women are undoubtedly doing better today than they were even 40-50 years ago. The gender gap has shrunk in many areas, including educational attainment, health, and employment and wages...

Gender Caste Equality
Working Paper
Contract farming in Mozambique: Implications on gender inequalities within and across rural households

This paper analyses the implication of contract farming on gender inequalities in rural Mozambique...

Contract farming Gender inequality Mozambique
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