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Gender quotas
Moving out of identity silos and into intersectionality: The example of gender identity

Women are undoubtedly doing better today than they were even 40-50 years ago. The gender gap has shrunk in many areas, including educational attainment, health, and employment and wages...

Gender Caste Equality
Journal Article
Political role models and child marriage in India

Part of Journal Special Issue Female Autonomy and Women’s Welfare

Gender quotas Age at marriage Gender norms
Working Paper
Political role models, child marriage, and women’s autonomy over marriage in India

Drawing data from the India Human Development Survey 2011 and the year of the first election with reserved seats for women pradhans, I estimate the effect of the Panchayati Raj institutions on age and autonomy over marriage...

Gender quotas Age at marriage Gender norms
Working Paper
Female political representation in the aftermath of ethnic violence: A comparative analysis of Burundi and Rwanda

We study the impact of electoral gender quotas in post-war Burundi and Rwanda on women’s political representation...

Gender quotas Burundi Rwanda
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