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Working Paper
Do gender wage differences within households influence women’s empowerment and welfare?: Evidence from Ghana

Using household data from the latest wave of the Ghana Living Standards Survey, this paper utilizes machine learning techniques to examine the effect of gender wage differences within households on women’s empowerment and welfare in Ghana...

Gender wage gap Households Women's empowerment
Working Paper
The labour market impact of COVID-19 lockdowns: Evidence from Ghana

In this paper, we provide causal evidence of the impact of stringent lockdown policies on labour market outcomes at both the extensive and intensive margins, using Ghana as a case study...

COVID-19 Lockdown Employment
Journal Article
Duration of pre-university education and labour market outcomes: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in Ghana

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW. This study provides new evidence on the effect of shortening the duration of pre‐university education on long‐term labour market outcomes in Ghana, exploiting the education reform of 1987 as a natural experiment...

Years of education Labour market Labour market outcomes
Working Paper
Socioeconomic and cultural drivers of women’s formal work in rural Ghana

We study socioeconomic indicators of female labour force participation in off-farm formal employment in a subsistence agriculture setting in northern Ghana, where a new commercial farm provides a positive demand shock for low-skilled labour...

Female labour force participation Ghana Decision making
Working Paper
Gender wage gaps in Ghana: A comparison across different selection models

The wage of an individual is observed only when he/she is employed. However, getting employment requires two decisions...

Gender Ghana Labour market
Working Paper
Ethnic diversity and informal work in Ghana

We present the first study that examines the effects of ethnic diversity on informal work...

Ethnic diversity Informal work Informality
Working Paper
Implications of the changing nature of work for employment and inequality in Ghana

In this paper, we analyse the role of the changing nature of occupational employment and wages in explaining the trend in earnings inequality in Ghana between 2006 and 2017, a period in which there was a substantial transformation of the economy, wit...

Skills Tasks Occupational employment and wages
Working Paper
Duration of pre-university education and labour market outcomes: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in Ghana

This paper provides new evidence on the causal effect of shortening the duration of pre-university education on long-term labour market outcomes in Ghana...

Years of education Labour market Labour market outcomes
Background Note
COVID-19 and the socioeconomic impact in Africa: The case of Ghana

The first two cases of COVID-19 were reported in Ghana on 12 March 2020 by the health ministry...

COVID-19 Economic impact Ghana
Working Paper
Structural transformation and inclusive growth in Ghana

This study examines the structural transformation–inclusive growth nexus for Ghana...

Ghana Inclusive growth Structural transformation
Working Paper
Rural financial intermediation and poverty reduction in Ghana: A micro-level analysis

The financial sector in rural areas, where most of the poor people in sub-Saharan Africa are found, has transformed massively in recent times, notably through the increased penetration of several types of rural financial intermediaries in addition to...

Rural financial intermediation Poverty reduction Welfare
Journal Article
South‐South Irregular Migration: The Impacts of China's Informal Gold Rush in Ghana

Part of Journal Special Issue Migration Governance and Policy in the Global South

Ghana China Gold rush
Book Chapter
The agro-processing industry and its potential for structural transformation of the Ghanaian economy

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Agro-processing Economic growth Value chains
Book Chapter
Oil discovery and macroeconomic management: The recent Ghanaian experience

From the book: Extractive Industries

Ghana Macroeconomic policy Oil
Working Paper
Following in their footsteps: An analysis of the impact of successive migration on rural household welfare in Ghana

The decision to migrate is often influenced by the experience of earlier migrants from one’s household. Earlier migrants provide information on likely opportunities and potential risks and can offer support at destination to later migrants...

Migration Ghana Asset index
Working Paper
South-South labour migration and the impact of the informal China-Ghana gold rush 2008–13

This paper examines irregular South-South migration from China to Ghana, and the role it has played in transforming livelihoods and broader developmental landscapes...

Ghana China Gold rush
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