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Working Paper
Industrialization in developing countries: is it related to poverty reduction?

This paper proposes an empirical framework that relates poverty reduction to production growth...

Poverty Production Growth
Working Paper
Learning from experience: Special Economic Zones in Southern Africa

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have become common across Southern Africa in the past 20 years. In line with experiences in the rest of the world, they have had at best marginal success...

Special Economic Zones Southern Africa Industrialization
UNU-WIDER releases guidebook on economic growth in fragile contexts Fragile states Inclusive growth Elites
Deals and development in fragile and conflict-affected states: Framework and policy guidebook Fragile states Inclusive growth Elites
Working Paper
The economic gains of closing the employment gender gap: Evidence from Morocco

The present paper sheds new light on the growth implications of gender inequalities in the Moroccan labour market. We confront two different approaches...

Morocco Female labour force participation Gender gap
Working Paper
Firms’ resilience to financial constraints: The role of trade credit

We study the role of trade credit in enhancing the resilience of financially constrained firms from 2010 to 2017...

Financial constraints trade credit Employment
Book Chapter
What might explain today’s conflicting narratives on global inequality?

From the book: Inequality in the Developing World

Global inequality Measurement Household survey
Working Paper
On the impact of inequality on growth, human development, and governance

Countering recent rises in many countries of inequality in income and wealth is widely recognized as a major development challenge...

Inequality Growth Health
Working Paper
Sources of output growth in the countries of the Common Monetary Area and provinces of South Africa

This paper aims to decompose the sources of growth in economies in the Southern African region’s Common Monetary Area and in the provinces of South Africa...

Growth Efficiency Technology
Journal Article
The individual poverty incidence of growth

The canonical approach to analyse the poverty impact of growth is based on the comparison of poverty before and after growth...

Income mobility Poverty Dynamics Pro-poor
Working Paper
Size matters: measuring the effects of inequality and growth shocks

Understanding the relationship between income inequality and economic growth is of utmost importance to economists and social scientists...

Inequality Growth Bayesian estimation
Working Paper
Regional and subregional analyses of macroeconomic policy strategies for growth and equality in Southern Africa

We investigate the relevance of beta (β, absolute and conditional) and sigma (σ) convergence in the economies of the Common Monetary Area of Southern Africa and in the provinces of the Republic of South Africa using panel data, allowing an...

Convergence Growth Inequality
Working Paper
Special economic zones and transnational zones as tools for Southern Africa’s growth: Lessons from international best practices

The paper evaluates strategies for developing successful special economic zones and transnational zones for Southern African countries to spur growth and employment...

Special Economic Zones Spatial industrial policy Growth
Working Paper
Effects of productivity growth on domestic savings across countries: Disentangling the roles of trend and cycle

Resource mobilization continues to be an important policy challenge for developing economies, raising questions as to what determines differences in saving behaviour across countries...

Saving Productivity Growth
Journal Article
A proposal for a new universal development commitment

Most developed countries have accepted, in principle at least, the 50‐year‐old commitment of contributing 0.7 per cent of gross national income to supporting the development of developing countries...

Global inequality Poverty alleviation Growth
Research Brief
Tackling poverty and inequality in Southern Africa: Transnational growth corridors as a solution

Comprehensive harmonization is crucial to eliminate inefficiencies that hamper free movement of goods and services in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region...

Growth Growth corridors Intra-regional trade
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