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Gunnar Myrdal
Working Paper
Rethinking Asian Drama

Gunnar Myrdal published Asian Drama in 1968, a work which made important analytical contributions to our understanding of development but was deeply pessimistic about Asia’s future prospects...

Gunnar Myrdal History (Economics) Transformation
Working Paper
Asian development after the Asian Drama

Inspired by Gunnar Myrdal’s core concepts discussed in his seminal work, Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations , published in 1968, this paper analyses the opening-up experiences of three Asian countries (China, India, and Malaysi...

Economic openness Operational controls Strategic integration
Working Paper
Viet Nam: The dragon that rose from the ashes

This study takes as its starting point what Gunnar Myrdal had to say about Viet Nam in the context of his seminal work, Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations , published in 1968...

Growth Poverty Inequality
Working Paper
A short history of India's economy: A chapter in the Asian drama

This paper is a short history of the Indian economy since 1968. India today is a changed country from what it was half a century ago, when Myrdal published his Asian Drama...

Growth Political economy Corruption
Working Paper
Revisiting the methodology of Myrdal in Asian Drama 50 years on

This paper reviews the main methodological innovations in Asian Drama ...

Gunnar Myrdal Institutions
Working Paper
Pro-poor growth in Indonesia: Challenging the pessimism of Myrdal’s Asian Drama

This chapter addresses the unrelenting pessimism in Asian Drama about Indonesia’s development prospects...

Governance Poverty Pro-poor
Working Paper
Gunnar Myrdal and Asian Drama in context

This paper attempts to understand Asian Drama in the context of the development debates of its time, and in terms of the sensibilities that Gunnar Myrdal—the brilliant economic theorist and philosopher of knowledge, and Swedish politician&mdash...

States and elites Elites Gunnar Myrdal
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