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Health expenditures
Working Paper
Gold mining pollution and the cost of private healthcare: The case of Ghana

To attract greater levels of foreign direct investment into their gold mining sectors, many mineral-rich countries in sub-Saharan Africa have been willing to overlook serious instances of mining company non-compliance with environmental standards...

Health expenditures Mineral industries Pollution
Working Paper
General budget support, health expenditures, and neonatal mortality rate: A synthetic control approach

I examine impacts of general budget support in 12 countries using the synthetic control approach. First, I analyse changes in government expenditures on health before and after the introduction of budget support...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Health expenditures
Journal Article
Gesture Politics or Real Commitment?: Gender Inequality and the Allocation of Aid

We investigate whether donors give more aid to countries with larger gender gaps in education, health, or women’s rights, and whether they reward improvements in those indicators...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Econometric models (Economic development) Health expenditures
Working Paper
Global Collective Action in Health: The WDR+20 Landscape of Core and Supportive Functions

This paper discusses shifts in development assistance for health (DAH) since 1990, analyses the nature of the current distribution of funding, and considers future implications. Based on Jamison et al...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Health expenditures
From the Editor's Desk (September 2013)

24 September 2013 Tony Addison As Helsinki moves into a crisp sunny autumn, Angle brings you news of two big UNU-WIDER events...

Econometric models (Economic development) Children Climate change
From the Editor's Desk (August 2013)

22 August 2013 Tony Addison Angle returns from its Nordic summer break, to bring you more news and results from UNU-WIDER’s programme...

Econometric models (Economic development) Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Working Paper
Gesture Politics or Real Commitment?: Gender Inequality and the Allocation of Aid

Donors of foreign aid increasingly claim to consider gender inequality in the recipient countries to be a serious concern...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Econometric models (Economic development) Health expenditures
Journal Article
Implications of the External Debt-servicing Constraint for Public Health Expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa

The paper explores the implications of the external debt-servicing constraint for public health spending in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), where the health challenges have been great and debt servicing particularly burdensome...

Public debt Health expenditures
Working Paper
Achieving Sustainable Universal Primary Education through Debt Relief: The Case of Kenya

This study critically reviews the education sector in Kenya and the challenges facing the sector in achieving universal primary schooling...

Public debt Education Health expenditures
Working Paper
Debt Relief and Health Care in Kenya

Kenya’s external debt has continued to swell over the years, and despite the country meeting its debt commitment through regular servicing, this has been done at the expense of key social services such as health, education, water and sanitation...

Public debt Government spending policy Healthcare
Book Chapter
Cost Recovery and Equity in the Health Sector: The Case of Zimbabwe

From the book: Social Provision in Low-Income Countries

Equity Financial crisis Healthcare
Working Paper
Health Status and Health Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Long-Term Perspective

This paper discusses the main changes in infant, child and maternal mortality which have occurred over 1960-1995 in Sub-Saharan Africa and analyses the main factors responsible for the observed shifts in these health trends...

Health Healthcare Health expenditures
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