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Human capital
Parental investments and children’s human capital in low-to-middle-income countries parental investment Human capital Low income countries
Working Paper
Growth and inequality convergence: the role of environmentally related impacts on human capital

We examine inequality convergence over the past three decades and ask if environmentally related impacts on health, and their effect on human capital, are responsible for the slow rate of inequality reduction in countries...

Inequality Convergence environmental impact
Research Brief
Are women’s labour force participation rates improving in sub-Saharan Africa?

Several sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries have achieved substantial economic growth in the past 30 years. Likewise, access to education has considerably expanded, as reflected in rising enrolment rates for both men and women...

Labour supply Gender Sub-Saharan Africa
Research Brief
The employment and poverty effects of in-work policies in Ecuador Informal work Child labour Tax revenue
Research Brief
Three key insights for research on social mobility in developing countries

The volume, Social Mobility in Developing Countries: Concepts, Methods, and Determinants , brings together leading scholars from a range of social science disciplines working on a variety of issues related to social mobility...

Social mobility Inequality & Human Development Human capital
Photo: Brett Davies Pathfinding new book on Social Mobility in Developing Countries out now Economics social sciences Social mobility
Research Brief
What do we need to know about social mobility in the Global South?

The volume, Social Mobility in Developing Countries: Concepts, Methods and Determinants, brings together leading scholars from several disciplines to advance research practice on social mobility...

Social mobility Inequality & Human Development Human capital
Policy Brief
Six sets of policy actions to promote social mobility

Promoting social mobility is an essential task of development, and a multi-faceted one. Precarious livelihoods are widespread. Containing downward mobility is an important precondition for sustaining upward mobility...

Social mobility Poverty Inequality
Book Chapter
Social mobility and human capital in low- and middle-income countries

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Social mobility Human capital Cognitive ability
Wasted talent – How COVID-19’s effect on the poor could make all of society poorer

The opening keynote of the recent WIDER Development Conference, COVID-19 and development – effects and new realities for the Global South , was given by Oriana Bandiera , Sir Anthony Atkinson Professor of Economics at the London School of Econo...

COVID-19 Poverty Human capital
Working Paper
The legacy of conflict: aggregate evidence from Sierra Leone

This paper studies the general equilibrium impact of civil war in Sierra Leone. I first use an instrumental variable (IV) strategy and geographic conflict variation to estimate reduced-form effects...

Conflict Livelihoods Structural transformation
Working Paper
Intergenerational mobility in occupational choices: Are there gender differences in Ghana?

Historically, the issue of intergenerational evolution of income, wealth, and socioeconomic status has been the subject of considerable research in the analysis of inequality...

Intergenerational Mobility socioeconomic status Occupational choice
Changing the lives of very young children: Evidence from Rwanda

Globally, around 250 million children under the age of five do not meet key development milestones, which reduces their ability to reach their full potential...

Social mobility Human capital Cognitive ability
Book Chapter
The interaction of institutional quality and human capital in shaping the dynamics of capital structure

From the book: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

Capital Structure Human capital Trade-off theory
Working Paper
Gender, age cohort, and household investment in child schooling: New evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa continues to post one of the highest gender gaps in educational outcomes in the world. Gender gaps in educational outcomes might be attributed to an uneven allocation of household resources towards the schooling of boys and girls...

Educational expenditures Gender bias Human capital
Journal Article
The Long(er)‐Term Impacts of Chile Solidario on Human Capital and Labor Income

Part of Journal Special Issue Welfare and distributive effects of social assistance in the Global South

Conditional cash transfers Human capital Labour income
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