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Inclusive growth
Working Paper
Structural transformation and inclusive growth in Ghana

This study examines the structural transformation–inclusive growth nexus for Ghana...

Ghana Inclusive growth Structural transformation
Working Paper
Structural transformations and the lack of inclusive growth: The case of Chile

This paper describes the structural transformations that Chile has experienced in the last 50 years and how they have contributed—or not—to inclusive growth and genuine economic modernization from a historical perspective...

Chile deindustrialization Inclusive growth
Data for development: Building an economy of inclusion in South Africa

As the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa’s successes and failures spill over into the broader region...

Data revolution Database Inclusive growth
Public Forum on extractive industry and development

The Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme will host a public forum on 26 March 2019 on the topic of Extractive Industry and Development. The Chief Economist and Deputy Director of UNU-WIDER Tony Addison will give a presentation based on a major...

26 March 2019
Complexo Pedagógico, Room 1501, Main Campus, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique
Past event
Inclusive growth in Mozambique seminar series

The Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme is launching its seminar series for 2019. The seminar series showcases ongoing research on topics related to the work of the programme and its aim of supporting inclusive growth in Mozambique. The seminar...

Mozambique Inclusive growth
Gas revenues will come and go in Mozambique – now is the time to think how to use them wisely

Mozambique is still an agriculture-based economy. Huge offshore gas fields have been discovered in the country and plans for gas projects are in the process. However, one day the gas explorations will come to an end...

Inclusive growth Extractives Mozambique
Photo: tanakawho Varieties of structural transformation

Theme: Current programme

Structural transformation Inclusive growth Inequality
Working Paper
From manufacturing-led export growth to a twenty-first-century inclusive growth strategy: Explaining the demise of a successful growth model and what to do about it

Success in development over the past half-century was based on manufacturing-led export growth. Because the share of global employment in manufacturing will decline, manufacturing won’t play the same role in the coming decades...

Stockholm Statement Industrial policy Dynamic comparative advantage
Working Paper
Extractives for development: Ten main messages

Countries face both challenges and opportunities in using their extractive industries to achieve more inclusive development—particularly in the developing world...

Extractive industries resource wealth Resource curse
Towards inclusive development in Myanmar

Theme: Transformation

Inclusive growth Economic reform Industrial policy
In the media
The Stockholm Statement gets mentioned in The Guardian

Former World Bank Chief Economist, Kaushik Basu, recently gave a public lecture on the 'Challenges for the global economy: the great recession and the fault lines' at the Monash Business School in Melbourne, Australia.

Inclusive growth Stockholm Statement Economic growth
Quantitative methods for applied economic analysis
27 September 201630 September 2016
Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique
Past event
Special Session on South Africa 1

Conference on Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts, and policies - Parallel 2.2

Inequality Education Income
Policy seminar
Growth, Structural Transformation, and Rural Change in Vietnam: A Rising Dragon on the Move
5 August 2015
Central Institute for Economic Management, Main Hall, 68 Phan Dinh Phung Str. Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Past event
Multidimensional Child Poverty Assessment Methodology

The ‘Multidimensional Child Poverty Assessment Methodology’ seminar was held in Maputo on 8 July 2015. It was part of the UNU-WIDER Research Programme theme of Transformation organized in partnership with the Ministry of Economics and...

8 July 2015
University Eduardo Mondlane, Avenida do Zimbábwe, Maputo, Mozambique
Past event
Analysing poverty

The Analysing Poverty workshop was held in Maputo, 6-10 July 2015. The workshop is part of the UNU-WIDER Research Programme theme of Transfromation , in co-operation with Ministry of Economics and Finance of Mozambique, the University Eduardo...

6 July 201510 July 2015
University Eduardo Mondlane, Avenida do Zimbábwe, Maputo, Mozambique
Past event
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