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Working Paper
Labour income inequality in Mexico: Puzzles solved and unsolved

We analyse the evolution and proximate determinants of labour income inequality in Mexico between 1989 and 2017. Labour income inequality increased between 1989 and 1994 and declined between 1994 and 2006...

Inequality Labour income Post-survey reweighting
Working Paper
Is inequality underestimated in Mozambique?: Accounting for underreported consumption

Household budget surveys in sub-Saharan Africa are designed to facilitate poverty measurement and may fail to fully capture consumption in wealthy households. As a result, inequality is likely underestimated...

Consumption underreporting Household surveys Inequality
Taking steps to overcome inequality in South Africa

Engagement is needed at all levels to address ongoing inequality faced in South Africa. This was the primary aim of a recent policy seminar in Pretoria, organized through the framework of the Mandela Initiative and partners, including UNU-WIDER...

Inequality development policy Structural transformation
Working Paper
Loyalty, trust, and glass ceiling: The gender effect on microcredit renewal

Whereas most research into microfinance tends to focus on the impact of access to such services, very little pays attention to what happens over time once a person becomes a client...

Gender Microfinance Inequality
Working Paper
Human capital, labour market outcomes, and horizontal inequality in Guatemala

With the second largest indigenous population by percentage in Latin America, Guatemala is an important case for understanding horizontal inequality and indigenous politics...

Inequality Ethnicity Schooling
Working Paper
Anti-discrimination measures in education: A comparative policy analysis

Efforts to tackle discrimination in access to basic services have shown mixed results in different country settings...

Inequality Anti-discrimination measures Poverty
Working Paper
Fiscal capacity and social protection expenditure in developing nations

There is scant analysis on the causal relationship between fiscal capacity and social protection expenditure in the developing world...

fiscal capacity Inequality Institutions
Working Paper
Regime type, inequality, and redistributive transfers in developing countries

The debate on whether democracy and inequality increase the level of redistribution is ongoing. We construct a model that predicts higher probability of redistribution in democracies than autocracies through social transfers...

regime type Redistribution Inequality
Leading economists agree: closing borders is not the answer to inequality

Building a great big wall will not close the gap. Jorge Duenes/Reuters US President Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the US-Mexican border. Britain wants to retreat into its shell to become an isolated island state ...

Inequality immigration Refugees
Working Paper
Labour demand and the distribution of wages in South African manufacturing exporters

This paper contributes to the understanding of the linkages between exporting, labour demand, and wages in South Africa...

Exporters Firm-level analysis Labour demand
Policy Brief
Poverty in Mozambique: Significant progress but challenges remain Poverty Inequality Survey data
Working Paper
Ethnic inequality and community activities in Indonesia

For the first time in Indonesia, we jointly analyse several economic statistics and ethnic diversity indicators at national and local levels...

Community activities Ethnic diversity Inequality
Working Paper
Fiscal policy, inequality, and the poor in the developing world

NOTE | Revised version August 2017 available. View and download the revised version . Using comparable fiscal incidence analysis, this paper examines the impact of fiscal policy on inequality and poverty in 25 countries for around 2010...

Fiscal incidence Social spending Inequality
In the media
Blog post on poverty in Mozambique grabs the attention of Mail & Guardian Africa

The release of the Mozambique’s Fourth Poverty Assessment in late October in Maputo has brought good news to Mozambique. Despite recent economic and political challenges, the findings of the report show significant gains in the fight to reduce...

Poverty Inequality Mozambique
Working Paper
Redistribution, inequality and political participation: Evidence from Mexico during the 2008 financial crisis

This paper explores the relationship between a large government cash transfer programme, changes in inequality, and political participation in Mexico...

Conditional cash transfers Inequality Mexico
Working Paper
Cash transfers in Latin America: Effects on poverty and redistribution

In this paper, we present comparative evidence for eight Latin American countries regarding design and effects of cash transfers (CTs)...

Cash transfers Child poverty Inequality
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