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Working Paper
Quantifying the contribution of a subpopulation to inequality: An application to Mozambique

In this paper, I quantify the contribution of a subpopulation to inequality...

Inequality Decomposition RIF
Journal Article
Taxation and Inequality in Developing Countries: Lessons from the Recent Experience of Latin America

Part of Journal Special Issue Fiscal Policy, State Building and Economic Development

tax policy Inequality Redistribution
Working Paper
Legal empowerment and group-based inequality

Legal empowerment has become widely accepted in development policy circles as an approach to addressing poverty and exclusion...

Legal empowerment Ethnicity Horizontal inequality
Working Paper
Estimating the scale of profit shifting and tax revenue losses related to foreign direct investment

Governments’ revenues are lower when multinational enterprises avoid paying corporate income tax by shifting their profits to tax havens...

Foreign Direct Investment corporate income tax tax avoidance
Working Paper
Fiscal pressure of migration & horizontal fiscal inequality: Evidence from Indian experience

This paper examines the patterns and trends in inter-state migration across Indian states and observes that migration is affected by demographic profile as well as the fiscal profile of states...

Migration Inequality Demography
Journal Article
Estimating the level and distribution of global wealth, 2000–2014

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Wealth Assets Debts
Journal Article
Global inequality: Relatively lower, absolutely higher

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Global interpersonal inequality Inequality Inequality measurement
Journal Article
Inequality: Measurement, trends, impacts and policies

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Developing countries Inequality Poverty
Journal Special Issue
Inequality: Measurement, trends, impacts and policies

Many low- and middle-income countries are achieving good rates of economic growth, while high inequality remains a priority concern...

Inequality Economic growth Poverty
Working Paper
Educational inequality in Mozambique

In very poor countries, inequality often means that a small part of the population maintains living standards far above the rest...

Education Economic development Inequality
Working Paper
Investigating growing inequality in Mozambique

In this paper, we investigate the long-term trend of consumption inequality in Mozambique...

Inequality Mozambique Decomposition
Working Paper
Inequality, ethnicity, and social cohesion

How do changes in socio-economic inequality between ethnic groups affect interethnic ties in a divided society?...

Inequality Ethnicity Violent conflict
Working Paper
Inequality and fiscal redistribution in Mexico: 1992–2015

This paper uses income and expenditure surveys from 1992 to 2014 and public tax and spending accounts to estimate the redistributive impact of Mexico’s fiscal system over this period...

Fiscal incidence Taxation Social spending
Working Paper
Global inequality in length of life: 1950–2015

This paper provides a broad picture of national, regional and global trends of inequality in length of life over the period 1950–2015...

Inequality Lifespan Mortality rates
Working Paper
Labour income inequality in Mexico: Puzzles solved and unsolved

We analyse the evolution and proximate determinants of labour income inequality in Mexico between 1989 and 2017. Labour income inequality increased between 1989 and 1994 and declined between 1994 and 2006...

Inequality Labour income Post-survey reweighting
Working Paper
Is inequality underestimated in Mozambique?: Accounting for underreported consumption

Household budget surveys in sub-Saharan Africa are designed to facilitate poverty measurement and may fail to fully capture consumption in wealthy households. As a result, inequality is likely underestimated...

Consumption underreporting Household surveys Inequality
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