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Journal Article
The political economy of the resource curse: A development perspective

This article reviews the recent literature on the developmental effects of resource abundance, assessing likely effects and channels with respect to key development outcomes...

Resource abundance Inequality Institutions
Journal Special Issue
Involuntary Migration, Inequality, and Integration: Vietnamese and Afghan migrants in Canada, Germany, the UK, and the US

THIS COLLECTION OF ARTICLES IS ON EARLY VIEW. Migration is an inherent feature of human history. A rich literature considers the experiences of global migrants across diverse environments...

Involuntary migration Inequality
The keynote address at the IRSA 16th Annual Conference — Kunal Sen

Kunal Sen has been invited to give the Keynote Address at this year's Indonesian Regional Science Association's (IRSA) Annual Conference on 12 July. Professor Sen will speak on the main lessons from UNU-WIDER's project on ' The...

12 July 2021 11:3013 July 2021 12:30
Online, Indonesia
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Working Paper
Exploring economic support networks amidst racial inequality in Namibia

Community or interpersonal support as a critical source of livelihood sustenance in the Global South can exhibit unequal dynamics. An understanding of these practices is primarily tied to the conceptual space of poverty or small communities...

Inequality Race Social networks
Working Paper
The impact of COVID-19 on consumption poverty in Mozambique

This study assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency implemented by the Government of Mozambique on household consumption poverty...

COVID-19 Poverty Inequality
New updates to the World Income Inequality Database (WIID)

The UNU-WIDER World Income Inequality Database ― widely known by its acronym, WIID ― provides the most comprehensive set of income inequality statistics available. It presents detailed information on income inequality for developed, developing, and...

WIID Inequality Income inequality
Working Paper
Measuring earnings inequality in South Africa using household survey and administrative tax microdata

Overall income inequality in South Africa is very high, and inequality generated in the labour market is a key driver of inequality...

Inequality Earnings Tax data
Working Paper
Inequality and structural transformation in the changing nature of work: The case of Indonesia

This paper analyses the labour market dynamics in Indonesia from 2001 to 2015 and explores the role of the changing nature of occupational employment in explaining the rising earnings inequality during the same period...

Labour market dynamics Inequality Occupations
Technical Note
WIID Companion (May 2021): global income distribution

This document is part of a series of technical notes describing the compilation of a new companion database that complements the World Income Inequality Database (WIID)...

Income distribution Inequality WIID
Technical Note
WIID companion (May 2021): integrated and standardized series

This document is part of a series of technical notes describing the compilation of a new companion database that complements the World Income Inequality Database (WIID). A previous note described the selection of income distribution series...

Inequality WIID Database
Technical Note
WIID Companion (May 2021): data selection

This document is part of a series of technical notes describing the compilation of a new companion database that complements the World Income Inequality Database (WIID)...

Data Inequality WIID
Research Brief
Trends in global inequality – a comprehensive approach Inequality Income inequality Global inequality
COVID-19 lays bare Cape Town’s social divide, deepens underlying inequalities

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a devastating economic shock to livelihoods across the world. In Cape Town, it has been toughest on those who had just found a way to keep their heads above water, living on the fringes of urban society...

South Africa Urban COVID-19
Good intentions falling short – the case of pension-related tax expenditures in South Africa

Tax benefits to boost contributions into pension funds or pension-related tax expenditures (PTEs) are used widely by governments worldwide to address issues related to the aging of population and the sustainability of retirement systems...

Inequality Tax administration data Tax expenditures
New WIID Companion to improve the study of inequality

There is a growing need to understand income inequality trends and how they interplay with other social, economic, and political outcomes, both at the country level and worldwide...

Inequality Equality Economic inequality
Working Paper
Consolidating behavioural economics and rational choice theory: Insights from inequality research

Using illustrations from research on inequality, this paper offers evidence on the strengths of ‘behavioural synthesis’, i.e. the reconciliation between neoclassical and behavioural economics...

Inequality Behavioral economics Behaviour
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