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Working Paper
The effect of fiscal drag on income distribution and work incentives: A microsimulation analysis on selected African countries

Although the effect of fiscal drag is well studied in the industrialized world, empirical evidence from developing economies remains limited...

Inflation Income tax Fiscal drag
In the media
SA-TIED working paper featured in the Financial Mail

A recent working paper from the SA-TIED programme ’s body of new research has been featured in the largest business weekly in South Africa. The Financial Mail’s feature is headlined: “ Reserve Bank vindicated — the critics...

Inflation Monetary policy South Africa
Working Paper
The information content of the yield spread about future inflation in South Africa

The proposition that inflation expectations can be extracted as inflation predictions from the government bond yield curve has been tested, with partially positive results, using data from the United States and European countries...

Rational expectations Inflation Monetary policy
Journal Article
Effects of food price shocks on child malnutrition: The Mozambican experience 2008/2009

A propitiously timed household survey carried out in Mozambique over the period 2008/2009 permits us to study the relationship between shifts in food prices and child nutrition status in a low income setting...

Children Food industry and trade Inflation
Book Chapter
Poverty, Inequality, and Prices in Post-Apartheid South Africa

From the book: Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Equality and inequality Inflation Macroeconomics
Research Brief
Burkina Faso – growth without poverty reduction

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa, poor in natural resources, and with low levels of human development. Its economy remains agricultural and focused on food crops and cotton production...

Agriculture Equality and inequality Food security
Research Brief
The impact of the 2007-08 food price crisis in Brazil

The impact of the 2007–08 food price crisis in Brazil was relatively subdued compared with what took place in many other developing countries...

Agriculture Food industry and trade Inflation
Journal Article
Transmission of World Prices to the Vietnamese Economy

International economic integration has been a central policy goal for the Vietnam government since the doi moi reform was initiated in 1986. We explore the Vietnamese increasing integration into the world market and bouts of high inflation...

Economic integration Inflation Prices
Working Paper
Poverty, Inequality, and Prices in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Post-apartheid poverty and inequality trends have been the subject of intensive analysis, yet relatively little attention has been devoted to the impact of differential price movements on the measurement of poverty and inequality...

Equality and inequality Inflation Macroeconomics
Book Chapter
The Political Economy of Food Price Policy in India

From the book: Food Price Policy in an Era of Market Instability

Agriculture Food security Inflation
Macro-economic management (M-EM)

Theme: Transformation

This project explores how macroeconomics of development is evolving; what the policy priorities are as the global economy undergoes transformation (with more countries moving from low- to middle- income status); the impact of global economic...

Macroeconomics Income distribution Inflation
Working Paper
The Political Economy of Food Price Policy: the Case Study of India

India did not experience any food price spikes during 2007–08 when global food prices erupted. It was partly due to India’s ban on exports of wheat and common rice...

Agriculture Food security Inflation
Working Paper
Inflation and Financial Development: Evidence from Brazil

We examine the impact of inflation on financial development in Brazil and the data available permit us to cover the period between 1985 and 2002...

Economic development Equality and inequality Financial institutions
Working Paper
Education, Financial Institutions, Inflation and Growth

Our paper investigates the unexplored impact of education on inflation and of this relationship on economic growth...

Econometric models (Economic development) Education Financial institutions
Journal Article
El Tramo Corto de la Estructura a Plazo como Predictor de Expectativas de la Actividad Económica en Colombia

Part of Journal Special Issue Symposium on Spatial Inequality in Latin America

Inflation Interest rate Monetary policy
Book Chapter
Monetary Policy in the Franc Zone: Country-Level Credit Policy

From the book: Macroeconomic Policy in the Franc Zone

Central banking Econometrics Inflation
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