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Informal sector
Book Chapter
Employment and productivity growth in Tanzania's service sector

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Services Informal sector Economic growth
Research Brief
The decline of the labour share in Mexico, 1990–2015 Labour market Informal sector Wages
Working Paper
Why do household businesses in Viet Nam stay informal?

Using unbalanced panel data from the small and medium enterprise surveys in Viet Nam in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015, this paper investigates factors associated with informality in Viet Nam...

Formal and informal Informal sector Household business
Myanmar Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Survey 2017: Descriptive Report

Myanmar’s transition to a market-based economy is accompanied by rapid development of the private manufacturing sector, which has large potential for improving economic growth...

SMEs Manufacturing Informal sector
Policy Brief
Africa's Lions: Three challenges limiting the potential for inclusive growth Growth Employment infrastructure
Working Paper
Employment and productivity growth in Tanzania’s service sector

Despite Tanzania’s rapid recent growth, the vast majority of employment creation has been in informal services. This paper addresses the role that different subsectors of formal and informal services have played in Tanzania’s growth...

Services Informal sector Economic growth
Africa's Lions: Growth Traps and Opportunities for Six African Economies Growth Employment infrastructure
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