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Lessons from the resettlement of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Vietnamese forced migrants in Germany

Hiếu (pseudonym) embodies the ‘good refugee’ story. In 1979, he fled Vietnam by boat and eventually resettled in the Federal Republic of (West) Germany, as did many others ...

Integration International migration Refugees
Successfully integrating refugee populations: What can we learn from the experience of Vietnamese Americans?

Policy makers should see integration and upward mobility, and not simply placement and survival, as goals of resettlement of refugees...

Migration Refugees Integration
Working Paper
Economic integration of Afghan refugees in the US, 1980–2015

Using 1990 5% Census and American Community Survey data, we examine the economic integration of Afghan refugees to the US, focusing on employment rates and income levels...

economic capital cultural capital Integration
Working Paper
Invisible, successful, and divided: Vietnamese in Germany since the late 1970s

Until the 1970s, only 1000 Vietnamese lived in West and East Germany, most of them international students. West Germany, in particular, had not yet been confronted with non-European refugees...

Integration International migration Refugees
UNU-WIDER & UNU-CRIS Joint Session on South-South Integration in a North-South Context: Regional and Global Integration: Quo Vadis?

UNU-WIDER & UNU-CRIS Joint Session (Parallel 1.1) to be held on Saturday, 16 January, South-South Integration in a North-South Context.

13 January 201019 January 2010
Prague, Czech Republic
Past event
UNU-WIDER and UNU-CRIS International Workshop on South-South and North-South Trade Agreements: Compatibility Issues

South-South reciprocal trade agreements continue to surge in popularity despite arguments that they are a sub-optimal trade choice relative to North-South agreements or non-discriminatory trade liberalization. S-S agreements include both new...

5 November 20096 November 2009
Bruges, Belgium
Past event
South-South development cooperation

Theme: 2008-09

Globalization and Trade Development financing Capital flows
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