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Intergenerational Mobility
Working Paper
Is there a gender bias in intergenerational mobility?: Evidence from Cameroon

We examine the intergenerational mobility of women relative to men, using paired mother-daughter and father-son data on occupation and education for Cameroon...

Occupational mobility Educational mobility Intergenerational Mobility
Working Paper
Measuring social mobility rates in earlier and less-documented societies

In societies where surnames are inherited from parents, we can use these names to estimate rates of intergenerational mobility...

surnames Intergenerational Mobility long-run mobility
Working Paper
Can ‘good’ social mobility news be ‘bad’ and vice versa?: Measurement (and downward mobility) pitfalls

Limited attention has been paid to how well social mobility measures debated and used to study industrial countries perform in analysis of low-income settings...

Intergenerational Mobility Measurement Developing countries
Working Paper
Social mobility and inequality between groups

The relationship between social mobility and inequality is well studied in the literature, but far greater attention has been paid to ‘vertical’ than to ‘horizontal’ inequality...

Social mobility Horizontal inequality Ethnic inequality
Working Paper
Income mobility in the developing world: Recent approaches and evidence

This paper examines income mobility in developing countries. We start by synthesizing findings from the available evidence on relative mobility and poverty dynamics...

Intragenerational mobility Intergenerational Mobility Welfare dynamics
Working Paper
Drivers of mobility

Empirical studies in developing countries tend to find higher levels of socioeconomic persistence across generations compared with those of high-income economies...

Intergenerational Mobility global south market exclusion
Journal Article
The Intergenerational Impact of China's New Rural Pension Scheme

Part of Journal Special Issue Welfare and distributive effects of social assistance in the Global South

China Intergenerational Mobility Pension
Working Paper
China and the United States: Different economic models but similarly low levels of socioeconomic mobility

The United States and China are the world’s largest economies. Together they are responsible for about one-third of the world’s economic output...

Intergenerational Mobility equality of opportunity Education
Research Brief
Racial inequality and demographic change in South Africa: Impacts on economic development

Over the past 20 years, researchers have been looking at the economic lifecycle of individuals around the world using National Transfer Accounts (NTA) data...

demographic dividend economic lifecycle Intergenerational Mobility
Working Paper
Intergenerational mobility of education in Vietnam: Evidence from the Vietnam War

Vietnam’s education system has recently attracted international attention for exceptional learning outcomes and success in improving schooling outcomes over a short period, despite being a lower-middle-income country...

Intergenerational Mobility access to education War
Working Paper
Colonial origin, ethnicity, and intergeneration mobility in Africa

This paper estimates the relationship between differences in skills measured among within-country ethnic groups and individual human capital accumulation in eight African countries...

Colonialism Education Ethnicity
Working Paper
Inequality and the generational economy: Race-disaggregated National Transfer Accounts for South Africa, 2015

Differences in the economic lifecycle between countries at different levels of development suggest that there may be differences between sub-populations within countries, particularly where the sub-populations have different levels of income...

demographic dividend economic lifecycle Intergenerational Mobility
Policy Brief
Inequality in India on the rise

Following the introduction of economic reforms in the early 1990s, India today is achieving unprecedented per capita growth rates. Poverty reduction has also accelerated and is justly celebrated...

Inequality Decomposition Welfare dynamics
Working Paper
Inequality trends and dynamics in India: The bird’s-eye and the granular perspectives

India today is achieving per capita growth rates that are historically unprecedented. Poverty reduction has also accelerated. There is concern, however, that this growth is being accompanied by rising inequality...

Inequality Decomposition Welfare dynamics
Working Paper
Intergenerational mobility, human capital accumulation, and growth in India

Productivity and socio-economic progress are inter-connected. Economic growth funds policies that promote socio-economic progress, while the latter serves as a growth engine...

Intergenerational Mobility Inequality Growth
Working Paper
Returns to education, intergenerational mobility, and inequality trends in Brazil

Education-related changes are often argued as the main reasons for changes in earnings distribution. However, omitted variable and measurement error biases possibly affect econometric estimates of these effects...

Earnings inequality Schooling reurns Intergenerational Mobility
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