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International relations
WIDER Annual Lecture by President Martti Ahtisaari

View the WIDER Annual Lecture on Egalitarian Principles.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
Contributors - AL17

Short biographies of those who contributed to the event.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
Photos - AL17

Selection of images from the WIDER Annual Lecture 17.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Global economic governance and economic policy: A personal perspective

The policy advice given by economists in international institutions is influenced by their prior academic work...

Aeronautics Globalization International economic relations
Journal Article
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations: Lessons Learned from the Greater Zambeze River Valley and Beyond

Part of Journal Special Issue Climate Change and the Zambezi River Valley

Climate change Environmental policy Globalization
Journal Article
International Coordination and the Effectiveness of Aid

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Policy and the Macroeconomic Management of Aid

Economic assistance and foreign aid International relations Poverty
Working Paper
The Role of Issue Linkage in Managing the Mekong

The Mekong River is the major water source in Southeast Asia and shared by six countries...

Environment Game theory International relations
Journal Article
Intervention and State-Building: Comparative Lessons from Japan, Iraq, and Afghanistan

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid and Institution-Building in Fragile States

Democratization International relations
The Nordic Contribution to Development

26 March 2014 Tony Addison The Nordic countries have a long-standing commitment to development, and their work in peace-building has taken Nordic peacemakers into some of the toughest places in the world...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
From the Editor's Desk (December 2013)

10 December 2013 Tony Addison Our November-December Angle comes amid intense activity on our ReCom—Research and Communication on Foreign Aid—programme, which is drawing to a close...

Agriculture Aggregation operators Budget
From the Editor’s Desk (October 2013)

31 October 2013 Tony Addison October finds Angle in New York, for our event on ‘Fragility and Aid–What Works?’ at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN...

Agriculture Budget Children
Democratic Trajectories in Africa: Unravelling the Impact of Foreign Aid

Despite impressive economic growth rates over the last decade, foreign aid still plays a significant role in Africa's political economies...

Budget Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid
Research Brief
Lessons from US Interventions to Japan, Afghanistan and Iraq

Japan’s post-war liberalizing reforms were a success. This was partly due to the fact that US occupation preserved the strength of national institutions and made effective use of their capacity...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid International relations
Getting into a State?

30 October 2013 Roger Williamson The UNU-WIDER meeting held last week in New York on the topic of fragility and aid argued forcefully that you cannot ‘fix’ failed states as you would a broken window...

Agriculture Budget Conflict management
Working Paper
Intervention, Aid, and Institution-Building in Iraq and Afghanistan: a Review and Critique of Comparative Lessons

Since 2001 international attention has focused on the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and specifically on the question of whether external intervention can assist weak or fragile states in successfully making the transition to stable democracies...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid International relations
Working Paper
Foreign Aid and the Failure of State Building in Haiti Under the Duvaliers, Aristide, Préval, and Martelly

After receiving at least US$20 billion in aid for reconstruction and development over the past 60 years, Haiti has been and remains a fragile state, one of the worse globally...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Elite (Social sciences) Government accountability
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