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Working Paper
Climate justice for persons with disability: Few harmed much, fewer still harmed too much

Building on Rawls’ theory of justice and Sen’s theory of capabilities, I present an outline of social justice under climate shocks, illustrating it with the experiences of persons with disability...

Justice Capabilities Climate justice
Working Paper
The legal basis for affirmative action in India

The affirmative action policy in India came into practice because of the generations of struggle undergone by the untouchable castes and other backward classes, who were historically excluded from education and administration...

Affirmative action Reservation India
COVID-19 intensifies global need to support informal workers in their struggle: Three guiding principles for a better deal

The world is facing an existential crisis that poses challenging questions: whether to put people and nature before owners of capital and technology; whether to protect the rights of the disadvantaged or the interests of the elite...

Decent Work Informality Women's work
Presentation - AL9

The title of the lecture is ‘The World is not Flat: Inequality and Injustice in our Global Economy’. The reference to ‘flatness’ alludes to the more level playing field due to globalization that has enabled China, India, and...

Inequality Justice Globalization
Real business cycle theory

Invited Guest Lecturer, Yongfu Huang, Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER on 'Real Business Cycle Theory'. The lecture is on real business cycle model covering the effects of global shocks on economic fluctuations and business cycle in the context...

11 October 2012
University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland
Past event
Building state capability through Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA)

Theme: 2012-13

As a sub-component of the Research and Communication on Foreign Aid (ReCom) programme, the PDIA project feeds into the themes: governance and fragility & social sectors. An integral part of development is the expansion of capability of the state...

Foreign aid Development Social sectors
WIDER Book 'Making Peace Work' Launched in Berlin

Making Peace Work book presentation and seminar. Hosted by DIW Berlin and the United Nations Association of Germany.

Conflict management War Justice
Annual Lecture
WIDER Annual Lecture 9 - The World is not Flat: Inequality and Injustice in our Global Economy
26 October 2005
Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
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