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Laban Simbeye on how formal firms in Zambia recovered from the pandemic

The 2022 Jobs & Development Conference The Challenge of Creating Better Jobs in Developing Countries is organised on 14-15 December in Cape Town. Laban Simbeye, researcher from Zambia Revenue Authority, gives a presentation on a WIDER Working...

14 December 2022
Cape Town, South Africa
Past event
Journal Article
Precarization or protection?: The role of trade and labour policies on informality

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Brazil Informality Trade
The keynote address at the IRSA 16th Annual Conference — Kunal Sen

Kunal Sen is invited to give the Keynote Address at the 2021 Indonesian Regional Science Association's (IRSA) Annual Conference on 12 July. Professor Sen speaks on the main lessons from UNU-WIDER's project on ' The changing nature of...

12 July 202113 July 2021
Online, Indonesia
Past event
In the media
Child labour during pandemic - UNU-WIDER expert interviewed for a Finnish development news portal

UNU-WIDER Research Associate Milla Nyyssölä was interviewed for an article discussing the increase of child labour during corona pandemia. The article is published on a Finnish development news portal Maailma.net.

COVID-19 Child labour Children
Supply or demand? Exploring the mechanisms behind the rise of female labour force participation in Mexico

At the global level, gender gaps in labour force participation have narrowed and over half a billion women have joined the workforce in the last 30 years...

Women's work Female labour force participation Economics
Working Paper
Precarization or protection? The impact of trade and labour policies on informality

Several episodes of market-oriented reforms in developing countries have been accompanied by a significant rise in work outside of the formal economy...

Brazil Informality Trade
Working Paper
Winners and losers in industrial policy 2.0

Large-scale business subsidies tied to national industrial development promotion programmes are notoriously difficult to study and are often inseparable from the political economy of large government programmes...

Firm subsidies Fiscal policy Industrial policy
Journal Article
Cash Transfers and Gender Differentials in Child Schooling and Labor: Evidence from the Lesotho Child Grants Programme

Part of Journal Special Issue Welfare and distributive effects of social assistance in the Global South

Children Education Labour
Policy Brief
Transition to labour market by university students: Key findings from an extensive survey

This brief summarizes the findings and implications of a survey of the school-to-work transition by Mozambican university students. No research of this kind had previously been conducted...

Education policy Graduate employability Labour
Working Paper
Who demands labour (de)regulation in the developing world?: Insider–outsider theory revisited

Contrary to the predictions of the insider–outsider model, we show that the large majority of outsiders in developing countries support, rather than oppose, protective labour regulations...

Formal and informal Labour Labour market segmentation
Book Chapter
Unemployment, Employment and Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Labour Employment Economic growth
Journal Article
Using Legal Empowerment for Labour Rights in India

Part of Journal Special Issue Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

Labour Judicial Legal empowerment
Working Paper
Employment and development in Asia

How have economic development, employment, and labour markets in Asian countries interacted since the publication of Myrdal’s Asian Drama?...

Labour Employment Economic growth
Working Paper
Identifying monetary policy rules in South Africa with inflation expectations and unemployment

This paper investigates whether a Taylor rule accurately describes the South African Reserve Bank’s reaction function in setting interest rates using quarterly data, covering the period since inflation targeting was formally adopted in 2000...

Employment Labour Monetary policy
Policy Brief
Africa's Lions: Three challenges limiting the potential for inclusive growth Growth Employment Infrastructure
Working Paper
Using legal empowerment for labour rights in India

This paper brings labour back into the literature on legal empowerment against poverty. Employing a historical lens, I outline three waves of legal movements. Each wave is distinguished by its timing, the state-level target, and the actors involved...

Labour Judicial Legal empowerment
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