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Labour market
Book Chapter
Macroeconomic Perspective on Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Unemployment Labour market State
Working Paper
A 2016 social accounting matrix for South Africa with an occupationally disaggregated labour market representation

Examining the economy-wide consequences of South Africa following a similar trajectory of labour market polarization to the rest of the world requires an appropriate database for an economy-wide policy analysis framework...

Social Accounting Matrix national accounts Supply table
UNU-WIDER Summer School

UNU-WIDER, in collaboration with the Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU) at University of Cape Town (UCT), is holding the 2-week intensive UNU-WIDER Summer School on applied labour economics in Cape Town 18-29 November 2019.

Database Labour market Quantitative research
Research Brief
Wage inequality in urban China Wages Income inequality Wage growth
UNU-WIDER Summer School

Theme: Current programme

Capacity building data Quantitative research
Working Paper
Wage growth and inequality in urban China: 1988–2013

We investigate the evolution of wage levels, wage inequality, and wage determinants among urban residents in China using China Household Income Project data from 1988, 1995, 2002, 2007, and 2013...

Wages Income inequality Wage growth
Journal Article
Social norms and female labor participation in Brazil

Part of Journal Special Issue Female Autonomy and Women’s Welfare

Female labour force Gender gap Identity
Policy Brief
Employment expectations of university students in Mozambique: Results from a baseline survey

Before now, there has been no systematic study of the transition of university students as they finish their studies and enter the labour market...

Employment Education Wages
Baseline Survey on the School-to-Work Transitions of University Graduates in Mozambique

The survey on the School-to-Work Transitions of University Graduates in Mozambique aims to respond to the concerns of the Government of Mozambique and development partners with respect to youth employment in the country...

Employment Education Wages
Research Brief
The decline of the labour share in Mexico, 1990–2015 Labour market Informal sector Wages
Working Paper
A macroeconomic perspective on Asian development

Macroeconomic strategies and policies have differed significantly among Asian countries over the last fifty years, and yet some common issues recur despite their immense diversity in inherited historical initial conditions, differences in political s...

Unemployment Labour market State
Ricardo Santos reviews what is known on the Mozambican labour force

The Mozambican work force is still mostly rural, mostly working in agriculture and outside of the formal labour market. According to official statistics, the rural and urban labour markets differ a lot in Mozambique. In rural areas 90% of the labour...

Labour market Mozambique Housing
Working Paper
Gender identity and female labour supply in Brazil

Over the last half-century, the role of women in society has changed substantially. However, the gender income gap and the difference in labour force participation persist...

Female labour force Gender gap Identity
Understanding the African lions - growth traps and opportunities in six dominant African economies

Theme: Transformation

Africa Labour market Growth
The growth-employment-poverty nexus in Latin America in the 2000s

Theme: Inclusion

Latin America in the 2000s witnessed an unprecedented period of growth with poverty and inequality reduction. Latin America also suffered from the economic crises in Europe and the United States from 2007/08 onwards. The questions asked in this...

Economic growth Economic development Labour market
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