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Labour market
Journal Article
Maternity benefits mandate and women’s choice of work in Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Women’s Work

Maternity Women's work Informal sector
Working Paper
The effect of wage subsidies on job retention: Evidence from South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wage subsidies have served as a primary labour market policy used around the world to mitigate job losses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic...

COVID-19 South Africa Labour market
Working Paper
Digital labour platforms as shock absorbers: Evidence from COVID-19

Digital labour platforms have grown five-fold over the last decade, enabling significant expansion in gig work worldwide. We interrogate the criticism that these platforms tend to amplify aggregate economic shocks for registered users (workers)...

COVID-19 Digital labour platforms Labour market
Journal Article
Choices and constraints: The nature of informal employment in urban Mexico

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Informal work Labour market Labour market segmentation
Journal Article
What sustains informality?

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Informal work Labour market Informality
Journal Special Issue
What sustains informality

The special issue contributes significantly to critical issues related to the nature of informal employment and its determinants, how informal firms can grow their business and productivity, and the effects of labour market regulations and social ins...

Informal work Informality Labour market
Working Paper
Social distress and (some) relief: Estimating the impact of pandemic job loss on poverty in South Africa

Up-to-date, nationally representative household income/expenditure data are crucial to estimating poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic and to policy-making more broadly, but South Africa lacks such data...

COVID-19 Poverty Labour market
Working Paper
The COVID-19 crisis and the South African informal economy: A stalled recovery

This paper seeks to identify the differentiated impacts of the crisis on specific groups of informal workers...

COVID-19 South Africa Informal
Photo: Brett Davies Pathfinding new book on Social Mobility in Developing Countries out now Economics social sciences Social mobility
Research Brief
What do we need to know about social mobility in the Global South?

The volume, Social Mobility in Developing Countries: Concepts, Methods and Determinants, brings together leading scholars from several disciplines to advance research practice on social mobility...

Social mobility Inequality & Human Development Human capital
Working Paper
Maternity benefits mandate and women’s choice of work in Viet Nam

Despite a sizeable literature on the labour market effects of maternity leave regulations on women in developed countries, how these policies affect women’s work in developing countries with a large informal sector remains poorly understood...

Maternity Women's work Informal sector
Working Paper
The impact of centralized bargaining on spillovers and the wage structure in monopsonistic labour markets

How does centralized bargaining affect the broader wage structure? And what does this tell us about the (non-)competitive dynamics of such labour markets?...

Wages Collective bargaining Monopsony
Seminar with the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics on the labour market impact of COVID-19 lockdowns

Simone Schotte presented the recently published WIDER Working Paper on The labour market impact of COVID-19 lockdowns: Eevidence from Ghana for the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics seminar series. The research, part of the project on...

20 April 2021
Online, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
Heterogeneous impact of internet availability on female labour market outcomes in an emerging economy: Evidence from Indonesia

Greater female labour market participation has important positive implications not only for women’s empowerment and the well-being of their families but also for the economy they live in...

Internet Labour market Indonesia
Kunal Sen at WEDGE/EMERGE "Interrogating Gender" Seminar

Kunal Sen speaks at the WEDGE and EMERGE programme's first web-based discussion on gender equality and data. The discussion explores what we measure in labor force surveys, what we do not count, and how decisions regarding measurement shape...

22 January 2021
Online, United States
Past event
The Nordic Model — lessons for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, like the Nordic countries, is a social democratic nation with a strong welfare state...

Social protection Economic growth Labour market
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