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Working Paper
Taxless fiscal states: Lessons from 19th-century America and 21st-century China

How do modern fiscal states arise?...

Public finance Fiscal capacity Land
Journal Article
Tenurial security and agricultural investment: Evidence from Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Introduction to understanding agricultural development and change

Investment Land Land rights
Book Chapter
The construction sector in Tanzania

From the book: Mining for Change

Construction sector Contractors Land
Journal Article
Legal Empowerment of the Poor through Property Rights Reform: Tensions and Trade-offs of Land Registration and Titling in Sub-Saharan Africa

Part of Journal Special Issue Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

Property Land Rights
Working Paper
Role of the construction sector and key bottlenecks to supply response in Tanzania

The construction sector is a key enabler for social and economic development worldwide...

Construction sector Contractors Land
Working Paper
Legal empowerment of the poor through property rights reform: Tensions and trade-offs of land registration and titling in sub-Saharan Africa

Land registration and titling in Africa has been seen as a means of legal empowerment of the poor that can protect smallholders’ and pastoralists’ rights of access to land and other land-based resources...

Property Land Rights
Personal assets from a global perspective

Theme: 2004-05

The project aims to assemble data about the distribution and composition of personal assets in developing, transition, and developed countries and to study the implications of personal asset-holding for economic development. The most important asset...

Poverty Inequality and Well-being Personal wealth
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