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Land use
Journal Article
Rental markets, gender, and land certificates: Evidence from Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Understanding agricultural development and change

Land use certificates Land rental markets Gender
Working Paper
Rental markets, gender, and land certificates: Evidence from Vietnam

The way property rights affect land rental market behaviour is one of the key issues in development economics...

Land use Land titling Gender
From the Editor's Desk (September-October 2015)

UNU-WIDER had a busy September. We celebrated our 30 th birthday with some 600 people at our three-day conference on ‘Mapping the Future of Development Economics’ here in Helsinki. It was a great occasion...

Agriculture Business enterprises Capital investments
Malawi's Farm Subsidy Benefits the Poor but Doesn't Come Cheap

Malawi’s farm input subsidy benefits the poor and can be part of a viable national development strategy. Agriculture is Malawi’s main economic sector...

Agriculture Economic equilibrium Public expenditures
Book Chapter
Land Tenure and Agricultural Intensification in Sub-Saharan Africa

From the book: Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics, Vol. 2...

Agriculture Environmental economics Land tenure
Journal Article
Weather Shocks and Cropland Decisions in Rural Mozambique

Economic development in low income settings is often associated with an expansion of higher-value agricultural activities...

Agriculture Climate change Economic development
Journal Article
Property Rights and Productivity: the Case of Joint Land-Titling in Vietnam

This paper explores the effect of land titling on agricultural productivity in Vietnam and the productivity effects of single versus joint titling for husband and wife...

Agriculture Economic development Land use
Journal Article
Evolution of Land Distribution in West Bengal 1967–2004: Role of Land Reform and Demographic Changes

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Equality and inequality Household survey Land reform
Journal Article
Land Acquisition for Industrialization and Compensation of Displaced Farmers

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Compensation management Industrialization Land tenure
Journal Special Issue
Land and Property Rights

This special issue of the Journal of Development Economics originates from a UNU-WIDER research project on land inequality and decentralized governance in LDCs...

Economic development Land tenure Land use
Working Paper
Changes in Land Tenure and Agricultural Intensification in Sub-Saharan Africa

Due to increasing population pressure on limited cultivable land in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), farm size has been shrinking, fallow periods have been shortened, and soil fertility has been declining...

Agriculture Environmental economics Land tenure
Report from Gender Equality Results Meeting

Roger Williamson The Danish State Secretary for Development Policy Charlotte Slente , welcomed the participants and contributors to the meeting and stressed the centrality of gender equality to Danish development policy ...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Education
From the Editor’s Desk (October 2013)

31 October 2013 Tony Addison October finds Angle in New York, for our event on ‘Fragility and Aid–What Works?’ at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN...

Agriculture Budget Children
Working Paper
Trends and Patterns of Land Use Change and International Aid in Sub-Saharan Africa

The sub-Saharan Africa region recorded the fastest conversion of forest land to agriculture in the past 20 years. The region also has the widest yield gap and together with Latin America and Caribbean has the largest unused arable land...

Agriculture Land use
Working Paper
Land, Environment and Climate: Contributing to the Global Public Good

This paper discusses global public goods related to the world’s land resources, their current provision and likely future provision, their potential impacts on the world’s poorest households, as well as prospects for using foreign assista...

Biodiversity conservation Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid
Book Chapter
Access to Land: Market and Non-market Land Transactions in Rural Vietnam

By applying a unified framework, this book examines the impact of land tenure reforms on poverty reduction and natural resource management in countries in Africa and Asia with highly diverse historical contexts...

Land reform Land tenure Land use
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