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Journal Article
A manufacturing (re)naissance?: Industrialization in the developing world

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW | This study examines industrialization in developing countries...

Industrialization Economic Transformation Database Manufacturing
Journal Article
Informality and firm performance in Myanmar

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Firms Informality Myanmar
Journal Article
Digital Technologies and Product Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Empirical Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms

This article provides empirical evidence on the impact of digitalisation on product upgrading in global value chains (GVCs)...

Technology Global value chains Manufacturing
Working Paper
Does aid to the productive sectors cause manufacturing sector growth in Africa?

In recent decades, Africa has received a large share of official development assistance compared to other regions of the world...

Aid Production Growth
Working Paper
Industrialization in developing countries: is it related to poverty reduction?

This paper proposes an empirical framework that relates poverty reduction to production growth...

Poverty Production Growth
Policy Brief
Regional integration and Tanzania’s export performance East African Community Customs union Single Customs Territory
India’s manufacturing and services value-chains are shifting South: A curse or a blessing?

Much has been written on India as an outlier in Global Value Chains (GVC)...

Structural transformation Manufacturing Global value chains
Business Practice Intervention Survey: Descriptive Report

Myanmar’s manufacturing sector is at the heart of the country’s commercial landscape...

Business Firm survey Manufacturing firms
Working Paper
Cash grants to manufacturers after Cyclone Idai: RCT evidence from Mozambique

In March 2019, Cyclone Idai hit central Mozambique and caused widespread damage, including businesses in the enterprise sector...

Firms Manufacturing Natural disasters
Book Chapter
From manufacturing-led export growth to a twenty-first century inclusive growth strategy: Explaining the demise of a successful growth model and what to do about it

From the book: Inequality in the Developing World

Stockholm Statement Industrial policy Dynamic comparative advantage
Rwoen Smith / unsplash - factory South Africa Press Release: New data reveals developing economies are bucking trend of de-industrialization Economic Transformation Database Deindustrialization Economic transformation
Sub-Saharan Africa had a manufacturing renaissance in 2010s – it’s a promising sign for the years ahead

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy, with world output contracting at 3.5% in 2020, and no recovery likely before the fourth quarter of 2021...

Structural transformation Manufacturing Employment and Industry
Working Paper
Labour turnover and workers' well-being in the Ethiopian manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry expansion is a central part of Ethiopia’s growth and transformation agenda due to its potential for accelerated economic development and large-scale job creation, in particular for women...

female labour supply Occupational turnover Labour dynamics
Working Paper
Constraints on the performance and competitiveness of Tanzania’s manufacturing exports

This study sought to examine the main constraints to manufacturing export competitiveness in Tanzania...

Competitiveness Manufacturing Exports
Working Paper
A manufacturing renaissance? Industrialization trends in the developing world

This paper examines industrialization trends in developing countries...

Industrialization Economic Transformation Database Manufacturing
Working Paper
Premature deindustrialization and income inequality in middle-income countries

This paper examines the income inequality implications of a ‘premature deindustrialization’ trend in middle-income countries...

Deindustrialization Income inequality Middle-income countries
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