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Manufacturing industries
Working Paper
Can domestic institutions affect exports and innovation?: Mediation effects of institutional quality on manufacturing sector exports and innovation in developing countries

Studies show that when exports go up, innovation goes up as well. But what is the mediating effect of domestic institutions in the association between exports and innovation?...

Innovation Mediation analysis Institutions
Working Paper
Labour turnover and workers' well-being in the Ethiopian manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry expansion is a central part of Ethiopia’s growth and transformation agenda due to its potential for accelerated economic development and large-scale job creation, in particular for women...

female labour supply Occupational turnover Labour dynamics
MOOC image MOOC: Industrial policy for the 21st century – the challenge for Africa
9 September 201914 October 2019
Past event
Mozambique: Improving our understanding of the potential of manufacturing

Mozambique’s manufacturing industry is facing many challenges. Nevertheless, we should not underestimate its linkages to the rest of the economy and its potential in terms of job creation and structural transformation...

Manufacturing firms Manufacturing Manufacturing industries
Press release: Mozambican business environment continues to pose challenges for manufacturing firms

Press release: Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme to launch report at public forum on 23 April 2018 Maputo — Mozambican manufacturing firms continue to face logistical, regulatory, and financial constraints that hinder their ability to...

Manufacturing firms Manufacturing Manufacturing industries
Journal Article
The Dynamics of Exporting and Innovation: Evidence from the Tunisian Manufacturing Sector

Part of Journal Special Issue Learning to Compete

Manufacturing industries Learning by exporting Self-selection
Journal Article
Labor-use efficiency in Tunisian manufacturing industries

This paper investigates the process of adjustment in employment. A dynamic model is applied to a panel of six Tunisian manufacturing industries observed over a period of 25 years, from 1971 to 1996...

Commercial policy Labour demand Manufacturing industries
Journal Article
Measuring industry coagglomeration and identifying the driving forces

Understanding industry agglomeration and its driving forces is critical for the formulation of industrial policy in developing countries. Crucial to this process is the definition and measurement of agglomeration...

Industrial policy Labour market Manufacturing industries
Made in Africa - Learning to Compete in Industry: Policy proposals

One of the strengths of the new UNU-WIDER and Brookings book Made in Africa is that, in the best sense of the word, its proposals are debatable. It provides evidence and arguments for particular policies...

Economic development International trade Manufacturing industries
Working Paper
Markups and concentration in South African manufacturing sectors: An analysis with administrative data

This paper uses newly available firm-level tax data to evaluate the market structure in South African manufacturing sectors in the period 2010–12...

Business Manufacturing industries Pricing
Understanding FDI spillover mechanisms

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has been praised as an important development tool, especially for countries at low levels of industrial development...

Economic development International trade Foreign investments
Industrial clusters: Who benefits?

Manufacturing production in both developed and developing economies tends to be highly geographically concentrated in cities and industrial clusters...

Competition Economic development Industrial management
Celebrating 30 years of research for development

The celebration of the 30 th Anniversary of UNU-WIDER presented the ideal opportunity to look back, take stock, and plan ahead...

Economic development Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Gross national product
Regional Industrialization and Integration in Southern Africa - Reporting from TIPS Annual Forum

The white-painted cluster of traditional style buildings might suggest that this was a farm on the South African veldt...

Automotive industry Carbon tax Economic integration
Research Brief
Clustering, competition, and spillover effects in Cambodia

What types of businesses benefit or suffer due to geographic clustering?...

Economic development Industrial productivity Informal sector
Working Paper
Liberalized trade policy and inequality: Evidence from Post-Multi-Fibre Arrangement India and some theoretical issues

The phased elimination of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement has been one of the most compelling trade policy reforms of the early twenty-first century, and has brought in significant changes in the industrial structures of the countries of the global south...

Econometric models (Economic development) Equality and inequality Industrial policy
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