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Journal Article
The role of automatic stabilizers and emergency tax–beneft policies during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from Ecuador

By combining household survey data before and during the COVID-19 pandemic with detailed tax-benefit simulations, this paper quantifies the distributional effects of COVID-19 in Ecuador and the role of tax-benefit policies in mitigating the immediate...

COVID-19 Microsimulation Poverty
Journal Article
Income distribution and the potential of redistributive systems in Africa: A decomposition approach

Redistributive systems in Africa are still in their infancy but are expanding in order to finance increasing public spending...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy Microsimulation
Working Paper
Social protection for working-age women in Tanzania: Exploring past policy trajectories and simulating future paths

Tanzania has expanded its social protection framework significantly over the past decade, but the country continues to grapple with important gender inequalities...

Social protection Tanzania Women
Working Paper
Tax-benefit microsimulation model in Rwanda: A feasibility study

This paper assesses the feasibility of developing a tax and benefit microsimulation model in Rwanda...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Revenue Microsimulation
Working Paper
Microsimulation approaches to studying shocks and social protection in selected developing economies

This paper calculates automatic stabilization in Ghana, South Africa, and Ecuador to explain income cushioning amid income and demand shocks. Fiscal policies within these countries are also stress tested to gauge welfare contingencies and insurance...

Developing countries Shocks Social protection
SOUTHMOD country report Viet Nam - VNMOD v2.3

This report documents VNMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Viet Nam. This work has been carried out by the Central Institute for Economic Management ( CIEM ) in collaboration with UNU-WIDER and SASPRI...

Tax benefits Microsimulation Viet Nam
Behind the scenes: Meet our tax-benefit microsimulation team in Viet Nam!

How can Vietnamese policymakers improve their policy choices related to social protection and tax policies? Who are the experts providing evidence on different policy scenarios and their pros and cons to local decision makers?...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Microsimulation Imputation
Journal Article
The impact of indirect tax on income distribution and poverty in Tanzania

This study analyses the impacts of indirect tax benefits policy reforms on income distribution and poverty in Tanzania by applying a standard static microsimulation model TAZMOD v1.8...

Income distribution SOUTHMOD Tax-benefit microsimulation
Technical Note
Feasibility study: simulating the impacts of farm subsidies on poverty and inequality in African countries

Agricultural subsidies may have significant productive and distributional consequences, and policy-makers need to be able to assess these impacts as a part of the overall tax and benefit policy...

Agricultural policy Subsidies Taxation
Working Paper
The effect of fiscal drag on income distribution and work incentives: A microsimulation analysis on selected African countries

Although the effect of fiscal drag is well studied in the industrialized world, empirical evidence from developing economies remains limited...

Inflation Income tax Fiscal drag
Technical Note
Full-year adjustment for modelling COVID-19 policies in SOUTHMOD tax-benefit microsimulation models

This technical note presents a modelling approach used in Lastunen et al. (2021) where tax and benefit policies are scaled to reflect their actual duration during a single calendar year...

COVID-19 Tax-benefit microsimulation Poverty
Technical Note
Iterative proportional fitting for reweighting input data in SOUTHMOD microsimulation models

This note describes how the counterfactual datasets in the working paper by Lastunen et al. (2021) have been reweighted, for each country analysed, to the ‘pre-crisis’ time point of 31 March 2020...

COVID-19 SOUTHMOD Microsimulation
SOUTHMOD country report Ecuador - ECUAMOD v2.0

This report documents ECUAMOD, the SOUTHMOD micrososimulation model developed for Ecuador...

Taxes Benefits Microsimulation
Technical Note
Top income adjustments and tax reforms in Ecuador: an application of ECUAMOD

This technical note has been produced alongside a WIDER working paper assessing the effects on income inequality and income tax simulations of adjusting top incomes of employees in survey data based on administrative tax records in Ecuador...

Top incomes Tax data Tax reform
Technical Note
Unemployment insurance and income protection in Ecuador: an application of ECUAMOD

This note has been produced alongside a WIDER working paper assessing the effect of the Unemployment Insurance benefit on income protection in Ecuador...

Unemployment insurance Income protection Microsimulation
Working Paper
Exploring the quality of income data in two African household surveys for the purpose of tax-benefit microsimulation modelling: Imputing employment income in Tanzania and Zambia

The quality of data on employment income is explored using Tanzanian and Zambian household survey datasets. The extent of missing and implausible income data is assessed and four different methods are applied to impute missing or implausible values...

Income Imputation Microsimulation
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