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Mineral industries
Policy Brief
Boosting mineral revenues in Zambia: Policy options for a sustainable fiscal regime Tanzania Mineral tax Mineral industries
Working Paper
Moving up the copper value chain in Southern Africa

Southern African countries—mainly Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo—account for around a seventh of global production of copper...

Copper Industrialization Agglomeration
Journal Article
Resource-based industrialisation in Southern Africa: Domestic policies, corporate strategies and regional dynamics

Part of Journal Special Issue Regional Growth Opportunities

Mineral industries Industrial development Value chains
Working Paper
Mining and economic development: Did China’s WTO accession affect African local economic development?

This paper investigates China’s influence on local economic development in 37 African countries between 1997 and 2007...

Extractives Mineral industries Commodity boom
Working Paper
Gold mining pollution and the cost of private healthcare: The case of Ghana

To attract greater levels of foreign direct investment into their gold mining sectors, many mineral-rich countries in sub-Saharan Africa have been willing to overlook serious instances of mining company non-compliance with environmental standards...

Health expenditures Mineral industries Pollution
Working Paper
Can mining promote industrialization?: A comparative analysis of policy frameworks in three Southern African countries

This paper explores the potential to leverage large-scale mineral extraction in Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to foster mineral beneficiation and upstream industries...

Mineral industries Supply and demand
Working Paper
Tanzania: From mining to oil and gas

This paper compares and contrasts the economic situation in Tanzania during the resurgence of gold and diamond production after 1999, with the situation that is now emerging as the country begins to exploit very large resources of natural gas mainly ...

Gas utilities Mineral industries Natural resources
Extractive industries and development - What’s in the UNU-WIDER research pipeline?

The recent anti-corruption summit in London highlighted a much-publicized issue in development—transparency is crucial in the minerals sector...

Economic development Mineral industries Natural resources
Can extractive industries promote development?

I spent the last couple of days at a fascinating workshop at UNU-WIDER on the role of extractive industries in development ...

Economic development Mineral industries Natural resources
Will Norway’s model of Sovereign Wealth Fund work in Tanzania?: A reality check

Several countries in Africa – including Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda - have recently discovered large oil and gas or other mineral resources...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Fiscal policy Mineral industries
Research Brief
Responding to Aid-Induced Dutch Disease

In the WIDER Working Paper 'Aid and the Fiscal and Monetary Responses to Dutch Disease' Alan Roe looks at the ways in which aid-induced, and mineral export-induced Dutch Disease (DD) are similar, and the ways in which they differ...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Fiscal policy Mineral industries
Working Paper
Aid and the Fiscal and Monetary Responses to Dutch Disease

This study assesses the fiscal and monetary management challenges that can be associated with large inflows of foreign aid...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Fiscal policy Mineral industries
The Triple Crisis: What Development Prospects for Africa?

Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet On May 13 and 14, 2010, UNU-WIDER invited around 200 development economists from all over the world to Helsinki to celebrate WIDER’s 25th anniversary, assess the implications of the unfolding triple crisis...

Agricultural industries Economic development Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
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