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Mixed methods
Working Paper
No taxation without informational foundation: On the role of legibility in tax state development

This paper combines cross-national statistical analysis and in-depth historical case studies of Argentina and Chile to explore the relationship between two crucial dimensions of state capacity...

State capacity Information Fiscal capacity
Working Paper
Material barriers, cultural boundaries: A mixed-methods analysis of gender and labour market segmentation in Bangladesh

Data on female labour force participation in Bangladesh suggest that, despite the increase in female-intensive employment opportunities through microfinance, export garment manufacturing, and community-based services, the majority of working women ar...

Gender inequality Labour market segmentation Mixed methods
Working Paper
The livelihood impacts of COVID-19 in urban South Africa: A view from below

This paper investigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related policy measures on livelihoods in urban South Africa...

COVID-19 Welfare dynamics Lockdown
Working Paper
Structural poverty dynamics in urban South Africa: A mixed-methods investigation

This paper examines the extent and determinants of structural poverty dynamics in South Africa, focusing on the socio-economically disadvantaged urban African population...

Poverty Social mobility Livelihoods
Working Paper
Causal pluralism and mixed methods in the analysis of poverty dynamics

This paper examines the relationship between poverty dynamics, causal pluralism, and mixed method research approaches...

Poverty Dynamics Poverty measurement Methodology (Poverty)
Working Paper
Fragmenting the family?: The complexity of household migration strategies in post-apartheid South Africa

The disruption of family life is one of the important legacies of South Africa’s colonial and apartheid history...

Children Family migration Mixed methods
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