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Working Paper
Multigenerational mobility in India

Most studies of intergenerational mobility focus on adjacent generations, and there is limited knowledge about multigenerational mobility—that is, status transmission across three generations...

multigenerational mobility Occupational mobility Educational mobility
Working Paper
What’s behind pro-poor growth?: The role of shocks and measurement error

Standard growth incidence curves describe how growth episodes impact on the overall income distribution...

Measurement error Shocks Pro-poor
Working Paper
The ethnographic approach to social mobility

The ethnographic approach has much to contribute to our understanding of social mobility...

Ethnography Inequality Migration
Working Paper
Welfare dynamics in India over a quarter-century: Poverty, vulnerability, and mobility, 1987–2012

We analyse the Indian National Sample Survey data spanning the period 1987/88–2011/12 to uncover patterns of transition into and out of different classes of consumption distribution...

Intragenerational mobility Welfare dynamics Imputation
Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran / UNAMID Migration and mobility - new frontiers for research and policy
5 October 20176 October 2017
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