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The 1918-20 influenza pandemic: A retrospective in the time of COVID-19

The influenza pandemic of 1918 (the Spanish Flu) is by far the greatest humanitarian disaster caused by an infectious disease in modern history. It infected over a quarter of the world’s population and killed over 50 million people...

COVID-19 Pandemic Spanish flu
The 1918–20 influenza pandemic: A retrospective in the time of COVID-19

The pandemic of 1918–20 — commonly known as the Spanish flu — infected over a quarter of the world's population and killed over fifty million people...

Pandemic COVID-19 socioeconomic consequences
Journal Article
COVID-19 and the state: Exploring a puzzling relationship in the early stages of the pandemic

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW | During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was wealthier countries with stronger institutions that suffered the highest numbers of cases and fatalities...

COVID-19 the state Pandemic
Working Paper
Social protection expansions during crisis and fiscal space: From ad hoc to durable solutions?

This study provides a first attempt to contribute a large-scale assessment of whether crisis response as observed during the COVID-19 pandemic can serve as a feasible blueprint for creating durable solutions across countries...

Social protection Tax revenue COVID-19
Working Paper
Physical proximity and occupational employment change by gender during the COVID-19 pandemic

Previous economic downturns such as the 2008–09 Global Financial Crisis disproportionately affected male employment due to greater contractions in industries typically filled by men (e.g., manufacturing)...

COVID-19 Gender Employment
Working Paper
The pandemic and the state: Interrogating capacity and response to COVID-19 in West Bengal

COVID-19 has brought to the fore the issue of state preparedness in mitigating health emergencies. This paper problematizes the received wisdom of greater state capacity in mitigating the severity of the pandemic...

COVID-19 West Bengal State capacity
Working Paper
Peruvian response to COVID-19 pandemic: The role of evidence-based governance and structural violence

Why does a state like Peru, dedicated to fulfilling development goals and sustained good macroeconomic performance, appear incapable of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?...

Maternal mortality Targeting COVID-19
Working Paper
Social distress and (some) relief: Estimating the impact of pandemic job loss on poverty in South Africa

Up-to-date, nationally representative household income/expenditure data are crucial to estimating poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic and to policy-making more broadly, but South Africa lacks such data...

COVID-19 Poverty Labour market
Working Paper
Duterte’s pandemic populism: Strongman leadership, weak state capacity, and the politics of deployment in the Philippines

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic undermined the populist legacy of Philippine president Rodrigo R. Duterte. Despite implementing one of the longest and strictest lockdowns globally, the country has struggled with controlling the pandemic...

COVID-19 Pandemic Philippines
Working Paper
Does an effective government lower COVID-19’s health impact?: Evidence from Viet Nam

Government effectiveness has played an important role in tackling the crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic...

COVID-19 Pandemic State effectiveness
Working Paper
Management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kerala through the lens of state capacity and clientelism

During the first wave of COVID-19 infections, Kerala, a state in southern India, successfully managed to contain the pandemic. As a result, the Kerala model of managing the COVID-19 pandemic was celebrated as a success across the globe...

COVID-19 Pandemic State capacity
Working Paper
The COVID-19 pandemic and the state in Bihar

This paper presents a critical analysis of official data related to COVID-19 in Bihar state, India, which points to the manipulation of data for political ends...

Data Pandemic COVID-19
Working Paper
Pandemic precarity and the complicated case of Maharashtra: Interrogating state capacity and its fault lines

The state of Maharashtra and the city of Mumbai have been referred to as the epidemic epicentre of India since the time of the plague of 1896 and influenza epidemic of 1918...

Pandemic Migrants COVID-19 vaccine
Working Paper
Corruption and crisis: do institutions matter?

While the short-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on lives and livelihoods are well understood, we know little about the effect of the pandemic for longer-term outcomes such as corruption...

Corruption Institutions Crisis
Working Paper
The global inequality boomerang

This paper focuses on the past and potential future evolution of income (or consumption) inequality in the world over the period 1981–2040...

Global inequality COVID-19 Pandemic
Journal Article
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the poor: Insights from the Hrishipara diaries

We examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the livelihoods of the poor in a semi-rural setting in Bangladesh...

COVID-19 Lockdown Livelihoods
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