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Panel analysis
Working Paper
Determinants of corporate cash holdings in South Africa

Globally, corporate cash holdings have risen since the 1980s...

South Africa Corporate finance Cash holdings
Journal Article
Poverty dynamics and graduation from conditional cash transfers: A transition model for Mexico’s Progresa-Oportunidades-Prospera program

The effects of conditional cash transfers (CCTs) on poverty and well-being have been widely studied. However, there is limited knowledge on how a CCT should respond to the dynamics of poverty...

Panel analysis Poverty Poverty measurement
Working Paper
Is multi-party coalition government better for the protection of socially backward classes in India?

The paper investigates whether multi-party coalition government is better for the protection of socially backward classes, i.e. Scheduled Castes, in India...

Caste Equality and inequality Local government
Working Paper
On the spread of social protection systems

This paper undertakes an empirical analysis of the adoption of various components of social security systems as well as contribution rates...

Panel analysis Social security Taxation
Journal Article
Evaluating multiple spatial dimensions of economic growth in Brazil using spatial panel data models

The goal of this paper is to evaluate the results of regional economic growth model estimations at multiple spatial scales using spatial panel data models...

Econometric models Economic growth Panel analysis
New Approaches to Measurement

Conference on Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts, and policies - Parallel 4.3

Index numbers (Economics) Inequality Poverty measurement
Working Paper
Commercialization in agriculture in rural Vietnam, 2006-14

The vast majority of households in rural Vietnam undertake agricultural activities and for many this is their main livelihood. Moreover, this agriculture has become increasingly commercialized over time...

Agricultural credit Agriculture Aquaculture
Economic Lessons from Recent Research for Achieving SDG8

This article is part of UNU’s “ 17 Days, 17 Goals ” series, featuring research and commentary in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, 25-27 September 2015 in New York City...

Business enterprises Capital investments Economic assistance and foreign aid
Book Chapter
What Do Development NGOs Achieve?

Economic development projects Nonprofit organizations Panel analysis
Working Paper
The Return to Foreign Aid

We investigate the marginal productivity of investment across countries. The aim is to estimate the return on investments financed by foreign aid and by domestic resource mobilization, using aggregate data...

Economic growth Investments Panel analysis
Journal Article
Aid Supplies Over Time: Addressing Heterogeneity, Trends, and Dynamics

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Policy and the Macroeconomic Management of Aid

Business cycles Economic assistance and foreign aid Financial crisis
Book Chapter
Tourism and Economic Growth: African Evidence from Panel Vector Autoregressive Framework

Using a panel vector autoregressive model this paper investigates the dynamic and endogeneous contribution of tourism to output based on a sample of 40 African countries for the period 1990–2006...

Economic development Human capital Investments
Working Paper
Private Returns to Education for Wage-employees and the Self-employed in Uganda

The paper investigates the differences in private marginal returns to education between wage-employees and the self-employed in Uganda, using the Mincerian framework with pooled regression models...

Education Entrepreneurship Panel analysis
Working Paper
The impact of aid on total government expenditures: New evidence on fungibility

Aid is said to be fungible at the aggregate level if it raises government expenditures by less than the total amount. This happens when the recipient government decreases domestic revenue, decreases net borrowing, or when aid bypasses the budget...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Econometric models (Economic development) Public expenditures
Working Paper
Social capital, political connections, and household Enterprises: Evidence from Vietnam

Social capital and political connections can play an important role in developing countries where markets fail and institutions are weak...

Econometric models (Economic development) Households Panel analysis
Journal Article
Has the Clean Development Mechanism Assisted Sustainable Development?

One of the dual objectives of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol is to assist host countries in achieving sustainable development...

Climate change Environment Panel analysis
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