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Peer effect
Working Paper
The effect of class assignment on academic performance and the labour market: Evidence from a public federal university in Brazil

Can students’ rank in the ability distribution of their class impact their academic achievement?...

Affirmative action Brazil Education
Peer influence and human capital accumulation: Evidence from Delhi University colleges

College is an important milestone in life that is believed to develop several aspects of an individual's human capital, broadly defined to include both cognitive and socio-emotional traits...

Cognitive attainment Behaviour Personality
Working Paper
Cognitive, socioemotional, and behavioural returns to college quality

We exploit the variation in the admissions process across colleges of a leading Indian university to estimate the causal effects of enrolling in a selective college on: cognitive attainment using scores on standardized university exams; behavioural p...

Cognitive attainment Behaviour Personality
Working Paper
Deterrence, peer effect, and legitimacy in anti-corruption policy-making: An experimental analysis

In our framed laboratory experiment, two Public Officials, A and B, make consecutive decisions regarding embezzlement from separate funds. Official B observes Official A’s decision before making their own...

Corruption Laboratory experiment Peer effect
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