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Working Paper
Poverty, changing political regimes, and social cash transfers in Zimbabwe, 1980–2016

Since 2000, Zimbabwe has been under some pressure to provide more fully for its children. It is not clear whether child poverty has worsened, although AIDS, drought, and economic mismanagement have all compromised poverty reduction...

Poverty Child poverty Politics
Working Paper
Anti-discrimination measures in education: A comparative policy analysis

Efforts to tackle discrimination in access to basic services have shown mixed results in different country settings...

Inequality Anti-discrimination measures Poverty
Workshop – The National Treasury and UNU-WIDER
7 February 20178 February 2017
National Treasury, Republic of South Africa, 240 Madiba Street, South Africa
Past event
Policy Brief
Multidimensional poverty and wellbeing in Mozambique

Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon involving things other than consumption — such as access to and quality of health and education, housing, possession of durable goods, freedom, and many other factors...

Poverty Multidimensional poverty Household survey
Working Paper
Group-based inequalities: The case of Viet Nam

This paper examines the issue of horizontal inequalities in Viet Nam over the past 20 years...

Viet Nam Horizontal inequality Ethnic relations
Measuring poverty and wellbeing in developing countries

This book is Open Access, click here to download. Detailed analyses of poverty and wellbeing in developing countries, based on household surveys, have been ongoing for more than three decades...

Working Paper
Optimal transfers with distribution regressions: An application to Egypt at the dawn of the XXIst century

Social programmes for poverty alleviation involve eligibility rules and transfer rules that often proxy-means tests. We propose to specify the estimator in connection with the poverty alleviation problem...

Targeting Poverty Optimizing estimator
Policy Brief
Poverty in Mozambique: Significant progress but challenges remain

In 1990, Mozambique was one of the poorest countries in the world, with poverty estimated to reach 80% of the total population. At that stage, a Millennium Development Goal of reducing this proportion by half posed a very difficult target to meet...

Poverty Inequality Survey data
Working Paper
Fiscal policy, inequality, and the poor in the developing world

Using comparable fiscal incidence analysis, this paper examines the impact of fiscal policy on inequality and poverty in 25 countries for around 2010...

Fiscal incidence Social spending Inequality
In the media
Blog post on poverty in Mozambique grabs the attention of Mail & Guardian Africa

The release of the Mozambique’s Fourth Poverty Assessment in late October in Maputo has brought good news to Mozambique. Despite recent economic and political challenges, the findings of the report show significant gains in the fight to reduce...

Poverty Inequality Mozambique
Some good news from Mozambique: poverty levels have been reduced

There has been a serious deficit of good news in Mozambique for quite some time...

Equality and inequality Poverty
Policy Brief
Aid and employment: Creating good jobs in Africa

The prevailing narrative about growth and development in Africa has shifted dramatically. During the1980s and 90s pessimism abounded. Today, a more optimistic narrative of development in the region largely reigns. However challenges still remain...

Poverty and wellbeing in Mozambique

The gains have been substantial and have occurred in both rural and urban zones...

Consumption (Economics) Poverty
Book Chapter
Nigeria: The relationship between growth and employment

From the book: Africa's Lions

Economic growth Labor market Poverty
Book Chapter
Mozambique: Growth experience through an employment lens

From the book: Africa's Lions

Economic growth Labor productivity Poverty
Journal Article
The impacts of the food, fuel and financial crises on poor and vulnerable households in Nigeria: A retrospective approach to research inquiry

This article examines the impacts of the financial, food and fuel crises on poor and vulnerable households in two states of Nigeria: Lagos and Kano...

food fuel and financial crises impact analysis
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