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Working Paper
Simulating the effect on households’ real consumption and poverty of the increase in prices that followed the 2015–16 economic crisis in Mozambique

Poverty declined substantially in Mozambique between 1996/97 and 2014/15. However, the recent economic crisis, characterized by a significant increase in domestic prices, may have dragged several households into poverty...

price increase Economic crisis Poverty
Journal Article
Does Horizontal Inequality Matter in Vietnam?

This paper examines the issue of horizontal inequalities in Vietnam over the past 20 years...

Viet Nam Horizontal inequality Ethnic relations
Journal Article
Optimal taxation and public provision for poverty reduction

The existing literature on optimal taxation typically assumes there exists a capacity to implement complex tax schemes, which is not necessarily the case for many developing countries...

Income tax Poverty Public goods
Working Paper
A role for universal pension? Simulating universal pensions in Ecuador, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa

We use four novel, cross-country comparable tax-benefit microsimulation models for Ecuador, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa to evaluate ex ante the expansion of a universal old-age pension in a static setting...

Old-age benefit Poverty SOUTHMOD
Journal Article
Vertical and Horizontal Inequality in Ecuador: The Lack of Sustainability

We analyse the evolution of vertical and horizontal inequality in Ecuador in the long-run (1990–2016), as well as during and after the recent commodities boom (2005–2014)...

Equality and inequality Poverty Sustainable development
Policy Brief
Measuring poverty and wellbeing in developing countries Poverty Poverty measurement Poverty assessment
Journal Article
Welfare dynamics measurement: Two definitions of a vulnerability line and their empirical application

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Welfare dynamics Poverty Vulnerability
Journal Article
Inequality: Measurement, trends, impacts and policies

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Developing countries Inequality Poverty
Journal Special Issue
Inequality: Measurement, trends, impacts and policies

Many low- and middle-income countries are achieving good rates of economic growth, while high inequality remains a priority concern...

Inequality Economic growth Poverty
Working Paper
Educational inequality in Mozambique

In very poor countries, inequality often means that a small part of the population maintains living standards far above the rest...

Education Economic development Inequality
Working Paper
Inequality and fiscal redistribution in Mexico: 1992–2015

This paper uses income and expenditure surveys from 1992 to 2014 and public tax and spending accounts to estimate the redistributive impact of Mexico’s fiscal system over this period...

Fiscal incidence Taxation Social spending
Working Paper
Poverty and wellbeing impacts of microfinance: What do we know?

Over the last 35 years, microfinance has been generally regarded as an effective policy tool in the fight against poverty. Yet, the question of whether access to credit leads to poverty reduction and improved wellbeing remains open...

Microfinance Poverty Well being
Working Paper
The resettlement of Vietnamese refugees across Canada over three decades

Welcoming 60,000 Southeast Asian refugees in the 1979–80 period has become a celebrated part of Canada’s history, but the eventual integration of these refugees into Canadian society has received insufficient attention...

Canada Earnings Economic integration
Annual Lecture
Interventions against poverty in poor places Poverty Social protection Cash-transfers
Working Paper
On the poverty–growth elasticity

Poverty–growth elasticities are frequently calculated to provide insight into the inclusiveness of the growth process...

Poverty Growth Elasticity
Book Chapter

From the book: Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Latin America

Economic growth Income distribution Labor market
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