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Power resources
Working Paper
The history and politics of energy transitions: Comparing contested views and finding common ground

According to some definitions, an energy transition refers to the time that elapses between the introduction of a new primary energy source, or prime mover, and its rise to claiming a substantial share of the overall market...

Environmental policy Natural resources Power resources
Working Paper
Tanzania: From mining to oil and gas

This paper compares and contrasts the economic situation in Tanzania during the resurgence of gold and diamond production after 1999, with the situation that is now emerging as the country begins to exploit very large resources of natural gas mainly ...

Gas utilities Mineral industries Natural resources
Working Paper
The political economy of energy transitions and thermal energy poverty: Comparing the residential LPG sectors in Indonesia and South Africa

Indonesia and South Africa are both trying address energy poverty through subsidized energy provision...

Gas utilities Political science Poverty
Working Paper
The linkages of energy, water, and land use in Southeast Asia: Challenges and opportunities for the Mekong region

This paper aims to contribute to understanding the existing knowledge gaps in the linkages of energy, water, and land use in Southeast Asia and explores the political economy of energy transition in the Mekong region (MR)...

Natural resources Power resources Water
Working Paper
Is feed-in-tariff policy effective for increasing deployment of renewable energy in Indonesia?

To accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies and to secure the electricity supply, the Government of Indonesia has issued several feed-in-tariff regulations for various renewable energy sources, which were previously predominated by ...

Environmental policy Environmental taxation Power resources
Working Paper
Climate change policy and power sector reform in Mexico under the ‘golden age of gas’

Mexico’s low-carbon technology perspectives show lack of coherence with the rising ambition in climate change commitments, for which Mexico is internationally praised...

Gas utilities Natural resources Power resources
Journal Article
Characterizing wind power resource reliability in southern Africa

Part of Journal Special Issue Prospects for Renewable Energy in Africa

Climate change Econometrics Infrastructure (Economics)
The Nordic Contribution to Development

26 March 2014 Tony Addison The Nordic countries have a long-standing commitment to development, and their work in peace-building has taken Nordic peacemakers into some of the toughest places in the world...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Working Paper
The Impact of Climate Change on Wind and Solar Resources in Southern Africa

Climate change is an issue that requires global attention and co-operation...

Climate change Power resources Renewable energy
Working Paper
Characterizing Wind Power Resource Reliability in Southern Africa

Producing electricity from wind is attractive because it provides a clean, low-maintenance power supply...

Infrastructure (Economics) Power resources Renewable energy
Journal Article
Gender Implications of Biofuels Expansion in Africa: The Case of Mozambique

We use a gendered dynamic CGE model to assess the implications of biofuels expansion in a low-income, land-abundant setting. Mozambique is chosen as a representative case...

Economic equilibrium Natural resources Poverty
Working Paper
Gender Implications of Biofuels Expansion: A CGE Analysis for Mozambique

We use a gendered computable general equilibrium model to assess the implications of biofuels expansion in Mozambique. We compare scenarios with different gender employment intensities in producing jatropha for biodiesel...

Economic equilibrium Natural resources Poverty
Working Paper
Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission-Based Productivity Change and Industrialization in Post-Reform China

The paper investigates the determinants of productivity growth in China...

Economic development Industrial productivity Panel analysis
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