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Property rights
State assigned property rights and revenue collection in sub-Saharan Africa

Across sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries there are striking differences in citizen willingness to pay taxes...

Fiscal capacity Building State Capabilities State capacity
Working Paper
No taxation without property rights: Formalization of property rights on land and tax revenues from individuals in sub-Saharan Africa

The arguments that property rights and taxation positively affect development are well established in separate literatures, but the link between property rights and taxation is under-studied...

Property rights Taxation Sub-Saharan Africa
Policy Brief
Can legal empowerment help to address ethnic exclusion?

‘Legal empowerment’ is defined as a process of systemic change through which the poor and excluded become able to use the law to protect and advance their rights and interests as citizens and economic actors...

Legal empowerment Group-based inequality Property rights
Journal Special Issue
Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

The articles in the forthcoming special issue are already available online on full open access. The special issue will be officially published in March 2019, vol. 55, issue 3...

Legal empowerment Group-based inequality Property rights
Working Paper
The effects of land titling in Tanzania

We use household survey data to investigate the effects of formal, private property rights to agricultural land on agricultural investment, land valuation and access to credit in Tanzania...

Property rights Land titling Agriculture
Working Paper
Agribusinesses, smallholder tenure security, and plot-level investments: Evidence from rural Tanzania

The last decade has witnessed an increase in the interest in agricultural land in developing countries...

Tenure security Smallholders Agribusiness
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