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Psychological aspects (Economics)
Working Paper
The social psychology of economic inequality

In this review, I provide an overview of the literature investigating the social psychology of economic inequality, focusing on individuals’ understandings, perceptions, and reactions to inequality...

Inequality Economic inequality Psychological aspects (Economics)
From the Editor’s Desk (January 2015)

We are now into 2015, and the year is already gathering speed. 2015 is of course the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, and a major year in global development with the conclusion of the MDG process, and the start of a new chapter with the SDGs...

Agricultural industries Balance of payments Children
Lessons from Behavioural Economics for Development Policy

23 April 2014 Jukka Pirttilä​ In conventional economic theory, agents are assumed to be able to make rational choices, unaffected by emotions and not constrained by decision-making errors...

Decision making Economic development Psychological aspects (Economics)
Journal Special Issue
Poverty, Development, and Behavioral Economics

This Special Issue brings together papers from UNU-WIDER Conference on Poverty and Behavioural Economics that were accepted after the peer review process of the journal...

Economic development Psychological aspects (Economics) Poverty
Working Paper
A Theory of Association: Social Status, Prices and Markets

The utility from some 'commodities' depends on the allocation rule used to distribute it...

Psychological aspects (Economics) Education Pricing
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