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Public goods
Working Paper
Is economic development affected by the leaders’ education levels?: Evidence from India

Although formal education is often considered an indicator of political leaders’ quality, the evidence on the effectiveness of educated leaders is mixed...

political leaders Elections Public goods
Working Paper
Donors for tax morale: Evidence from 34 African countries

Do aid projects affect citizens’ motivation to pay taxes? We address this question by combining fine-grained data on aid projects from AidData and survey data from the Afrobarometer for 34 African countries...

Foreign aid Tax morale State capacity
Working Paper
Contract clientelism: How infrastructure contracts fund vote-buying

Where does the money come from to buy votes? We argue that an important source of funds for vote-buying comes from ‘contract clientelism’, or the provision of public contracts to private firms in exchange for campaign donations...

Contracts vote-buying Clientelism
Working Paper
Ethnicity is not public service destiny: The political logic of service distribution in South Africa

Millions of South Africans in thousands of demonstrations have protested the unequal allocation of public services...

Public service delivery Ethnicity Africa
Working Paper
Inequality, institutions, and cooperation

We examine the effects of randomly introduced economic inequality on voluntary cooperation, and whether this relationship is influenced by the quality of local institutions, as proxied by corruption...

Inequality Institutions Corruption
Journal Article
Patronage and Public Goods Provisioning in an Unequal Land

Part of Journal Special Issue Horizontal inequality in the Global South

Horizontal inequality Public goods
Book Chapter
Why do women co-operate more in women's groups?

From the book: Towards Gender Equity in Development

Public goods Gender Bayesian estimation
Journal Article
Ethnic fragmentation, public good provision and inequality in India, 1988–2012

Part of Journal Special Issue Horizontal Inequality: Persistence and Change

Education Equality and inequality Healthcare
Journal Article
Optimal taxation and public provision for poverty reduction

The existing literature on optimal taxation typically assumes there exists a capacity to implement complex tax schemes, which is not necessarily the case for many developing countries...

Income tax Poverty Public goods
Working Paper
Why do women co-operate more in women’s groups?

We examine a public goods game in 83 communities in northern Liberia...

Public goods Gender Bayesian estimation
Working Paper
Group inequality and regional development: Evidence from Pakistan

This study explores the patterns and consequences of ethnic and regional inequalities in Pakistan...

Horizontal inequality Public goods
Journal Article
Public disclosure for carbon abatement: African decision-makers in a PROPER public good experiment

A linear public good experiment adopted from Holt and Laury [1997. Classroom games: Voluntary provision of a public good...

Field experiments Pollution Public goods
Working Paper
Ethnic fragmentation, public good provision, and inequality in India, 1988-2012

Using data from various rounds of the nationally representative NSSO survey between 1988 and 2012, we first construct national, state, and district-level figures for overall, within and between consumption inequality...

Education Equality and inequality Healthcare
WIDER Annual Lecture by Antonio Ocampo

View the WIDER Annual Lecture on Reforming the International Monetary and Financial Architecture.

Public goods International finance Financial stability
Photos - AL14

Selection of images from the WIDER Annual Lecture 14.

Public goods International finance Financial stability
Press release - AL 14

WIDER Annual Lecture 14: Reforming the International Monetary and Financial Architecture, by José Antonio Ocampo, New York, USA

Public goods International finance Financial stability
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