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Regional integration
Working Paper
The Southern African poultry value chain: Regional development versus national imperatives

This paper highlights the key strategies, both regional and domestic, that have led to the current structure of the poultry value chain in Southern Africa...

Industrial policy Poultry Regional integration
Working Paper
Understanding intra-regional transport: Competition in road transportation between Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

Efficient transport links are critical to enhancing the integration of markets in Southern Africa...

Cross-border logistics Road transportation southern Africa
Regional Growth and Development in Southern Africa project - an interview with Channing Arndt

Channing Arndt , Senior Research Fellow of UNU-WIDER, outlines the main research areas for this project on economic growth in the Southern African region. The project has two main elements – one specifically on the South African economy; the...

South Africa Industrialization Regional economics
Call for Papers - Regional Industrialization and Integration

The TIPS Annual Forum will be held in Johannesburg on 14-15 July 2015.

Call for papers Regional economics Regional integration
Regional growth and development in Southern Africa

Theme: Transformation

South Africa Regional integration Industrialization
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